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Exclusive Article

Posted by Matt on August 29, 2007

I have done something completely different for a forum you wouldn’t expect to see me at as I have written an exclusive article for another team’s forums:

Gamecocks Sports Forum

I realize it is a South Carolina-based forum and I am a University of Kentucky man for life, but I cannot state how great of a sports forum this is.  A lot of very knowledgeable members who discuss all sports and are just as much “SEC people” as they are “South Carolina people.”  I have found that they don’t talk a lot of trash, post anything just to “stir the pot,” or do anything create what the Internet has dubbed “flame wars,” which is basically useless and offensive banter.

There are a lot of cool features to the forum with a ‘Shoutbox’ that appears regardless of what section you are in, to medals and awards, to even a ‘Reputation’ system that keeps people honest and legitimate.

There will be more cool and unique things planned between TNB and GSF soon, and down the road, to help create a broader, more entertaining and educational sports network. 

I HIGHLY recommend joining this forum, especially if you enjoy SEC sports because they cover WAY MORE than just South Carolina and truly root for the SEC (Their biggest rival is out-of-conference Clemson, so why not?).  There are a lot of fun games and contests going on in various forums and professional sports are also vastly talked about.

Here is the link to the exclusive article:

A Good Run Of Bad Luck In Colombia

I will post it on the website eventually, but I really encourage all to join Gamecocks Sports Forums, not just to read the article but to get involved. They welcome all with open arms and it really is a lot of fun.  We hope to continue to work with them in the future!


And no, I am not getting paid for this, these are my words and not theirs… :)

2 Responses to “Exclusive Article”

  1. Steven said

    Thanks Matt.

    The exclusive article you wrote is just what a lot of us like to see, a veru respectable opinion from someone on the outside.

    All too often fans get caught up in the sugarcoating of just being around their own fans OR they talk with a lot of other teams fans and get into those “flame wars” that you talked about.

    At GSF we like to have fun and do have the occassional poke at other teams and especially coaches, but it is all in good fun. Give respect, get respect.

    As doc mentioned on GSF, you nailed that article. You pointed out USC’s issues in a firm, but fair manner. What more can be asked?

    One thing I hope people will find at GSF is that we are a fun loving bunch with an arcade, shoutbox, college and pro forums. We have pick’em contests going on year round as we are currently heading for The Chase in the NASCAR Pick’ems contest. The college pick’ems contest is up and open for week 1 and the pro pick’ems contest soon will be up.

    I hope everyone will stop by and register. We are trying hard to get the SEC forums even more active as we love the discussions. Right now we have a fair amount of Vol fans, but need more of the other SEC teams. If anyone is interested in helping us kickstart that area, then come on over and offer some suggestions.

    ~ Steven

  2. raptorcox said

    Thanks for the plug and the exclusive! We welcome one and all to find what Matt has discovered and everyday several fans come to enjoy day after day!

    – Rap

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