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Lance Briggs Vs. Lightpole: Round 1

Posted by Bob Swerski on August 28, 2007


You look at the car above and you cry because it was a Lamborghini.  Fighting back tears you read the story of Lance Briggs, ‘Da Bears’ Pro-Bowl linebacker who was involved in this one-car accident.  You learn that it was found abandoned at 3:15 in the morning on the Edens (a highway north of Chicago) by the State Patrol.  There was no driver in the car at the time, the wreck was not reported, and there were apparently no injuries.  One might start to think that a star driving his car and running it into a lightpole at 3:15 AM, and then leaving the scene of an accident, would involve alcohol, but according to head coach Lovie Smith who was asked about alcohol’s involvement by a reporter:

“Now, how did we get to that part?” Smith asked. “We have a one-car accident and now alcohol is involved? I think that’s stretching a little bit to go that far.”

OF COURSE THERE WAS ALCOHOL INVOLVED!  I add 2 and 2 and come out with 4… but apparently Lovie Smith comes up with 5 and then questions how I came to 4. 

Here in a “The Nasty Boys'” EXCLUSIVE video as we have Lance Briggs (the one in black) being helped to his car by 2 other gentlemen.

Of course he was drunk Lovie, and there is no other reason to think otherwise.  Luckily for Bears fans, and humanity really, he didn’t hurt anyone and made it home in enough time so he wouldn’t get caught and suspended.

Also, Briggs was at practice Monday morning bright and early, before being arrested with 2 misdemeanors for leaving the scene of an accident and failing to report an accident within 30 minutes.  F*ck man, I don’t even want to go to class or work early in the morning after drinking let alone after wrecking a car at 3:15 in the morning;  Briggs should be commended for making it in on time.  (Not really but a little sarcasm in what could have been a scary situation couldn’t hurt.)


2 Responses to “Lance Briggs Vs. Lightpole: Round 1”

  1. Yeah, I don’t know how you can say drugs or alcohol did not play a factor in this incident. Crazy

  2. Matt said

    Thanks for the comments, Marquis, and I agree.

    This story is hilarious nonetheless…I guess he can be happy the charges he’ll get are less than a D.U.I.?

    Just a guess…

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