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Don’t Look Now

Posted by Matt on August 25, 2007


Don’t look now but the Cincinnati Reds are suddenly improving and they have quietly put together a four-game winning streak and are only 8.5-games out of first place in the National League Central.  This might sound like still a large margin but consider two things:

  1. The Reds have six games (18 total) against each of the top three teams (Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee Brewers, Saint Louis Cardinals) in the National League Central right now left on their schedule in September.
  2. The Reds were nearly twice this far out of first place just a little over a month ago.

It is amazing what a few average to above average hitting ballplayers  can do for a team’s offense – 64 runs over the last 10 games while the team went 7-3 in that time span (good enough for 6.4 runs per game).

Jeff Keppinger is hitting .370 for the season and .400 during the aforementioned 10-game span and catcher Javier Valentine is hitting .297 on the season and .382 in the same 10-game span with one day off.  Valentine’s bat is a breath of fresh air at the catcher position as David Ross was struggling to keep things above the “Mendoza Line” (.200 batting average).

Norris Hopper is also batting .312 on the season and Scott Hatteberg is batting .298.  It is interesting to see what a few more for-average hitters can do for a lineup as, during the Reds’ darkest days this season, Hatteberg was the lone hitter above, at, or within .010 points of the all important .300 batting average mark.

With the schedule the Reds have in front of them and the baseball they’re playing right now, it could easily be an exciting finish for these awfully confusing Redlegs.


One Response to “Don’t Look Now”

  1. Just2Cocky said

    Where was this team in the first half of the season? Looks like all they can do is play spoiler now.

    That, and beat the Braves about 26 more times. LOL.

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