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Ron Mexico Gets “Olay’ed”

Posted by Matt on August 24, 2007


Last Update By Matt: August 24, 2007 at 2:00PM and 7:00PM EST – added: Pink updates.

UPDATE BY MATT 8/24/2007: It is being reported as of 7:00PM EST that MICHAEL VICK IS SUSPENDED ‘INDEFINITELY’ FROM THE NFL. We all saw this coming but the quotes from Goodell are nice and tough and well worth a read.

Link: Vick suspended indefinitely by the NFL (

UPDATE BY MATT 8/24/2007: Michael Vick’s plea was filed and he WILL plead ‘guilty’ on Monday to dog fighting charges and to a dog fighting circuit that included gambling on the fights and killing various canines. The plea, however, specifically states that Vick did not gamble himself but that most of the money for the operation was provided by the former NFL quarterback.

Link: Vick files plea agreement admitting to dog fighting (

UPDATE BY MATT 8/24/2007: Michael Vick will now reportedly NOT plead guilty to gambling or to killing dogs come Monday at his plea hearing meaning that he worked out an UNBELIEVABLE deal with prosecution that we don’t know about yet or the plea deal itself is actually in risk of falling apart if Ookie is thinking better of it all. I still don’t like his chances at a trial, though, as the prosecution can tug at the heart strings of every single Jury member and the Judge would likely throw the book at him. More to come today as details develop but let it be known that this story continues to get more strange…

Link: Source: Vick won’t admit to killing dogs or gambling on dogs (


UPDATE BY MATT 8/20/2007: is reporting minutes ago that Michael Vick will plead ‘guilty’ to Federal dog fighting charges in a plea hearing on Monday, August 27, 2007. This announcement comes on the heels of a Grand Jury meeting today to decide if superceding indictments should be filed against Vick for additional, more sever charges stemming from the quarterback’s dog fighting ties. Michael is charged with conspiracy to travel in interstate commerce in aid of unlawful activities and conspiracy to sponsor a dog in an animal fighting venture and will plead ‘guilty’ to the charges which can be punishable by a $250,000 fine and up to five years in prison. Five years will not be likely, however, and Vick’s attorneys are trying to negotiate a prison-term in the 12-to-18 month range as part of the details of the plea bargain.

Link: Vick agrees to plead guilty in dogfighting case (

My Take: This will likely end Vick’s career in the NFL as nearly two years in prison will be detrimental to what quarterbacking abilities he had left after this scandal and the NFL would likely not welcome him back regardless. As soon as Vick officially says he is guilty next Monday, Commissioner Goodell can get the process moving on the length of suspension he will be handing down. If Pac-Man got a year without yet being found guilty by a court of law, nor admitting any guilt, and Odell Thurman got two years for a D.U.I., essentially, than look for Vick to be done in the NFL. What is adding to the likelihood that Vick will receive a lifetime ban from the NFL is the gambling portion of the issue, which is an extreme violation of the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy. More to come…

UPDATE BY MATT 8/14/2007: is reporting that two more co-defendants in the Michael Vick dog fighting ring will accept plea bargains in the coming days. Purnell Peace and Quanis Phillips will be the next two to distance themselves from the NFL quarterback in hopes of receiving a lesser sentence in a deal with prosecutors. The defense lawyers for Vick met with prosecutors yesterday and will determine if #7 will also accept a plea bargain now that it appears that the deck is stacked against him. The deals his co-defendants receive requires them to testify against Vick if called upon to do so. Vick has until Friday to accept the agreement from the prosecution, otherwise two superceding indictments (explained by Josh in the blue update below) will be announced and Vick will face two additional Federal dog fighting charges.

Link: Likely alone facing charges, Vick weighs options (

UPDATE BY MATT 8/13/2007: Yahoo! Sports is reporting that two sources very close to the NFL’s front office have revealed that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will announce the season-long suspension for the 2007-2008 season for Michael Vick sometime “this week or next.” Atlanta fans better get used to seeing Joey Harrington for sure now and they better come to terms quite quickly with the image of Harrington on his back with an NFC lineman flexing above him.

Link: Vick suspension near (Yahoo! Sports)

UPDATE BY MATT 8/2/2007: This update is a little late due to the vacation issues with myself and other obligations for the rest of the crew, but here goes nothing. Several news outlets are reporting that the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP has come to the defense of Michael Vick adding that the quarterback has been “vilified by animal rights activists.” The problem continues to deepen with the NAACP versus PeTA battle beginning to go along with the protestors and supporters appearing at Falcon’s mini-camp and Vick legal proceedings.

Link: NAACP leaders urge public restraint in judging Vick (

UPDATE BY MATT 7/31/2007: Michael Vick’s co-defendant Tony Taylor pleaded ‘Guilty’ on Monday in a plea bargain deal and has since stated that Vick almost completely funded the dog fighting operation himself. Taylor will be a key witness now in the prosecutions case on Vick for November 26th, but now rumor has it in Virginia that the case will not be built strictly around the dog fighting issue. Could this be part of the superceding indictments to come in August? Only time will tell.

Also, Michael Vick went on a local radio station here around Virginia Beach to thank his fans so I will have a full update on that to go along with the VERY interesting perspective I got on this issue being not to far from it here in Virginia Beach.

Link: Michael Vick’s Co-defedant: Vick Almost Entirely Funded Dog Fighting Operation (FOXNews)

The Rawlings company is also the latest company to pull their sponsorship of Vick.

Link: Rawlings drops Vick as sponsor (

UPDATE BY MATT 07/29/07 [via vacation in Virginia, oh the irony] – Nike has now announced the suspension of the Michael Vick & Nike apparel contract and Reebok, the official jersey of the NFL, has decided to pull the Atlanta Falcons’ #7 jersey from shelves. This all on top of the fact that PETA is protesting anything Vick/Falcons/Vick Trial related. Couple this with the superceding charges mentioned by “Hustle” below and the picture looks grim for Mr. Mexico. The “rocket docket” in Virginia has upwards of 91+% conviction rating and according to commentary on CNN, superceding charges “rarely spell good news for the defendant.”More to come, as always….

UPDATE BY JOSH 07/26/07: As reported on the 6PM Sportscenter, the Federal Prosecutors have announced that they will be adding SUPERCEDING charges, to be determined in the month of August.

What SUPERCEDING means is that they will be charging Vick with charges more SEVERE than the original indictment – which carried a penalty of a maximum of 6 years in jail.

Obviously the chances of Vick getting a sweatheart plea deal are being flushed down the toilet as we speak. Also, the trial, which is supposed to start NOVEMBER 26TH, will apparently only last 2 weeks. Unlike OJ, Vick will be provided a quick and speedy trial.

More updates as they happen….

— Charlie Hustle

UPDATE BY MATT 07/26/07: Second hearing over, Michael Vick pleas “Not Guilty”, trial date set for November 26, 2007

3:52PM: First hearing of the day is over for Michael Vick, here is the recap:

  • Vick said “Yes I do” to when the judge asked “Mr. Vick, do you understand these charges?”
  • Vick subjected to pretrial monitoring
  • Vick is not allowed to leave a certain, specific region (cannot leave his own jurisdiction without permission from Pretrial Services)
  • Vick will NOT have to wear an ankle bracelet
  • Vick will NOT undergo drug testing while out on bail
  • All defendents should get bail and in an amount that they can afford
  • Vick must turn in his passport
  • Vick is forced to relinquish all animal breeding and animal kennel licenses

August 3, 2007: The Virginia Perspective On Michael Vick by Matt:

In a situation that can only be considered sheer coincidence, I recently spent my vacation in the Virginia Beach, Virginia area which is not too far from the Richmond area, home to the Michael Vick controversy. It was an interesting perspective to say the least and I probably couldn’t have picked a better (or worse, depending on which side you’re on) time to be watching local news in the greater Richmond area.



First, Michael Vick went on a local AM talk radio statement (which was in turn played on the local evening news) and issued a statement in which he said, to summarize, that he is thankful for the fans that continue to support him and that he is going to completely comply with the legal process in hopes of an acquittal that he feels he rightly deserves.



Secondly, the movement making waves right in the middle of my stay is not one you would expect in the least. A religious group, of which denomination is a moot point, came out publicly in support of Vick, stating that if Michael was a Caucasian quarterback, none of this would be an issue and people would not care or be taking notice.



I was surprised a religious group came out publicly one way or the other, especially in support of Vick in light of the charges against him. I am not going to delve in to the topic, or debate, of race issues in this case as that is a topic probably too controversial for even “The Nasty Boys;” however, I feel that this would be an astoundingly huge issue regardless of the race of the quarterback. By some people, animal cruelty is looked more poorly upon than murder in this country, regardless if that view is justifiable or not.



Interesting views from a different perspective than I might otherwise see here in the Midwest.

What We Know So Far:

  • May 21, 2007: After having his property linked to a possible dog fighting ring, rumors abound that witnesses at a Grand Jury testimony will place Vick at the dog fights directly. Read for yourself: Who Let The Dogs Out!
  • July 17, 2007: A Federal Grand Jury indicted Michael Vick in the dog fighting investigations, laying out charges of “conspiracy to travel in interstate commerce in aid of illegal activities” and “to sponsor a dog in an animal fighting venture.” Read for yourself: Michael Vick Update
  • July 18, 2007: We are made aware of Vick’s first court appearance which will take place on Thursday, July 26, 2007 and very strong details on the indictment itself are made public and pin Michael Vick with some very graphic crimes. Read for yourself: The Michael Vick Saga Continues
  • July 19, 2007: Nike pulls Vick’s nearly-released shoe from its line of athletic footwear and PETA announces it will protest basically anything that Michael Vick is involved with, including his trial. Read for yourself: Another Vick Update
  • July 23, 2007: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell orders Vick to stay out of training camp (PETA already protesting training camp at this point) stating basically he isn’t being punished for what he’s done, that is not up to the NFL to determine guilt or innocence but his involvement overall at this point violates the NFL Personal Conduct Policy. Vick will still get paid and is still apart of the Falcons until further notice (some speculate this is to delay the inevitable in the fact that at some point, Falcons’ ownership will have to cut ties with Michael Vick altogether). Read for yourself: Michael Vick ordered to stay out of training camp (
  • July 24, 2007: The Atlanta Falcons (owner – Arthur Blank, general manager – Rich McKay, and coach – Bobby Petrino) plan to make statements regarding Vick and the terms of his paid-suspension are outlined in detailed. Falcons owner also goes on to state that they would’ve suspended Vick for four games had Goodell not issued his punishment and that the Falcons organization will place Vick on a paid leave of absence to not deal with the 2007 football season but his 2007 freedom. Read for yourself: Falcons to speak on Vick’s Future ( & Falcons had planned to suspend Vick for four games (
  • July 29, 2007: The Upper Deck company is pulling all autographed Michael Vick memoriablia that is for sell on it’s website as well as pulling any Michael Vick trading cards in the upcoming season’s 2007-2008 line that is due in stores in October. Read for yourself: Upper Deck Pulls Vick Card, Memoriabilia (

Important Dates:

  1. July 26, 2007: Michael Vick to make his first court appearance in a Federal Court since his indictment. Read for yourself: Vick court appearance set for first day of practice ( — UPDATE: Pleaded ‘Not Guilty’
  2. August 20, 2007: Michael Vick agrees to a plea bargain agreement
  3. August 27, 2007: Michael Vick will plead ‘guilty’ to Federal dog fighting charges.
  4. November 26, 2007: THE TRIAL of Michael Vick commences…or will it?

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7 Responses to “Ron Mexico Gets “Olay’ed””

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  2. Marquis said

    Vick, along with so many other pro athletes are quickly ruining their careers. Check out my 10 steps on how a pro athlete can easily ruin their career at

  3. connie grace said

    Michael: Not that I’m a animal activist…but…what is wrong with this picture? Think about your life…your past…I feel soooo sorry for the animals abused. Animals are subject to the person in possession. If you were not involved, you should have made a statement. Like….what the hell? Stop!!! Why were you involved? I’d like to hear it from you!

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  5. Raw Cool said

    I cant believe someone would take a risk such as Dog Fighting. He had everything in the world and he flushed it all down the toilet. Idiot.

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  7. As Arlie Rufus writes this he is hearing that there could be a plea deal in the dogfighting case involving Michael Vick, among others. Arlie Rufus has one thing to say — no plea bargains! Arlie Rufus adovcated Michael Vick and others getting their day in court — and Arlie Rufus still wants that day. That day is not just for Mr. Vick — it is for the dogs who are made to fight and then killed. Make your voice heard along with Arlie Rufus — be vocal. No plea bargains! The dogs deserve real justice!!

    Arlie Rufus

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