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Rex Grossman Sucks

Posted by Bob Swerski on August 21, 2007

Below is a video of this guy watching Rex Grossman play in his second preseason game on Monday Night Football. I’m not sure if it was after his interception or one of his three fumbles (1 lost) in only a quarter worth of “work.” It is going to be a long season for Bears’ fans (some ‘not safe for work’ language):


7 Responses to “Rex Grossman Sucks”

  1. Matt said

    Hahahaha, nice use of the “vomit” search tag in YouTube, Bob. I was going to mention to you today how much better ‘Da Bears’ would be if they started Brian Griese and relegated Rex Grossman to “Cotton Candy Salesman” duties…

  2. Bob Swerski said

    When Grossman is on his game, he is a far superior quarterback then Brian Griese. The problem is that he is so inconsistent and Griese is always a solid and decent quarterback. I’m just sick of all the excuses that ass-bag Grossman gives. The first fumbled snap was a “cadence mis-cue” and the second was a “sweat spot on his hand.” He is a fucking joke.

  3. Matt said

    I don’t know if he is far superior, he’d certainly be better but he’s more inconsistent than Lindsay Lohan’s BAC…

    That being said, I think Griese is a more intelligent quarterback and a better game manager…which in Midway, that is all you need.

    It is like Kornheiser and Jaws were talking about last night, the Bears are known for defense and unning Backs, not quarterbacks.

    As much as I hate the guy, “Da Bears” need a guy like Ben Roethlisberger to come in and just not screw up. Hand the ball off 60% of the time, go 11-16 passing for 179 yards and a touchdown, and then take a knee to run the clock out at the end of the game. They don’t need Dan Marino and it seems like Grossman wants to be that superstar and that is when he throws a bunch of interceptions and then fumbles the snap like a douche.

  4. Boney said

    Bob is angry.

    Let’s face it (and I know I’m pandoring to the UK faithful), UF quarterbacks are worthless in the NFL. All of them. From Steve Spurrier coached to Urban Meyer, all UF quarterbacks are worthless. Therefore, Rex is rendered worthless too.

    Now, if only Danny Wuerffel would come back!

    Sorry to see Tim Couch get hosed by the Jags, yet J-Load still has a job in NY.

  5. Matt said

    Haha, J-Load and yes, you are getting in the good graces of at least THIS UK faithful…I do hate Florida.

    Yes, Lorenzen indeed has a job and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the New York fans call for him to play some if Eli struggles early.

    I watched two seasons, in person, of Jared Lorenzen and he was a lot of fun to watch…

    He actually had some sweet dip and dodge sack avoidance moves, you’d be surprised how agile he is for his size. I remember on College GameDay (NOT at Kentucky) one Saturday morning, they did a segment where they lined Lorenzen up with all of his lineman and they took their helmets off and then they had random average people try and “Pick The Quarterback.” They all failed.

    He had some sweet nicknames too: “Hefty Lefty,” “Pillsbury Throwboy,” “USS Lorenzen,” among others.

  6. I think I may have a Rex Grossman gene in pool.

  7. The General said

    i always prefered the round mound of touchdown

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