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(More) Friday Commentary

Posted by Matt on August 17, 2007

Another Friday, another daily-dose of commentary from yours truly…

◊ The race for .500 (season record, not home runs) has heated up in the National League Central as the Milwaukee Brewers lost yet again, their fourth straight, which brings their record over the last ten games to a robust 2-8 and places them just three games above .500. On the other side of life, the Saint Louis Cardinals have put together quite a streak of their own, one of the five-game winning variety, on the back of the resurgent Rick Ankiel and his ‘Cinderella story.’ The Cardinals are 8-2 over their last ten games and find themselves only 2.5 games out of first place in the division. Sandwiched between the two are Bob Swerski’s Chicaaago Cubbies, who are merely 3-7 over their last ten games but put an ass beating of epic proportions on the Cincinnati Reds last night to move within just .5 games of division-leading Milwaukee. It is looking like a strong possibility that the team that wins the National League Central division could be at or below .500 on the season. This is quite an embarrassment as the N.L. Central has the most teams of any division so you would think odds would be in their favor that at least ONE would be dominant. Granted Saint Louis won the World Series last year but that was nothing short of a gift from God. And to think, my Redlegs are just 9.5 games out of first place…so there may be hope afterall…but probably not.

◊ The Cincinnati Bengals and their offensive line took a HUGE HIT (I cannot emphasize how huge this is) when right tackle Big Willie Anderson showed up to practice yesterday with a boot on his right foot, the same foot that was injured down the stretch last season and kept him out of spring practice. Anderson is a four-time Pro Bowler and is arguably one of the top right tackles in the NFL and is the lone anchor on the offensive line this season with fellow veteran Richie Braham going the ways of retirement at the end of last season. What could only be described as “shock” treatment, a treatment that apparently only has a 60% success rate, will cause Anderson to be out at least for the September 10th opener, but if unsuccessful it could mark the end of his season. This would be an indescribable loss as we have already lost Braham (retirement) as well as fifth-year standout Eric Steinbach (free agency to the Cleveland Clowns). In depth coverage of this injury and the rest of the offensive line will be seen when the “Bengals 2007 Offensive Preview By Position” gets around the the offensive line unit, but let it be known, this is nothing to take lightly and the rest of the guys up front will have to step up their game.

◊ In news tied to the top story, Cincinnati Reds were crushed by the Chicago Cubs yesterday afternoon by a score of 4-12. The Bullpen trio of Gary Majewski, Mike Stanton, and Mike Gosling combined for an impressive seven runs in the 7th inning (six earned) with Stanton nothing four earned runs on three hits without recording an out. Though it can leave something to be desired at times, the Reds’ starting pitching isn’t the worst in all of baseball and we all know that they have run-scoring capabilities meaning that the SOLE FOCUS this offseason should be BULLPEN HELP, BULLPEN HELP, AND MORE BULLPEN HELP. In related news, the Reds are still just 9.5 games back from first place despite their attempts to achieve otherwise and Pete Mackanin is 21-17 as Interim Manager since taking over for Jerry Narron on July 3, 2007.

Things to watch for around TNB:

“Doc” Hancock’s football previews continue to roll through the SEC with the Georgia Bulldogs preview up next and here’s who we’ve seen so far in the SEC, all of which can be found at NCAA Football Previews (link):

  • Vanderbilt Commodores
  • Mississippi State Bulldogs
  • Ole Miss Rebels
  • Alabama Crimson Tide
  • Auburn Tigers
  • Georgia Bulldogs (sometime today or tomorrow)

We will try to finish the SEC before the start of the season on September 1st, hopefully culminating with the University of Kentucky Wildcats, a preview that “Doc” and I just may collaborate on.

In other news around the site, two co-defendants of Michael Vick will plead ‘guilty’ today as part of their plea bargain agreement and it looks as if a similar deal for Vick is imminent and should be announced sometime by the end of the work day today. When Vick news breaks, The Rolling Ron Mexico Rundown will be vaulted back to the top of the site with up-to-the-minute updates.

And lastly, running backs are next on our “Bengals 2007 Offensive Preview By Position” series so look for that and a few other things through the weekend including the NASCAR preview on Sunday and Bengals pregame for tomorrow’s preseason affair with the New Orleans Saints. A lot going on, so stay tuned…


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  1. […] true. There’s no shortage of critiques of the NL Central: Sports Frog, the Happy Fongo, and the Nasty Boys’ Sports Blog discuss the baseball ineptitude that exists in the Midwest AOL Sports also has an NL Central blog […]

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