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Mid-Week Update

Posted by Matt on August 15, 2007

I figured I was about due for another update for everyone as we struggle through the worst day of the work-week…

♦ The Cincinnati Reds held off the surging Chicago Cubs (this one is for you, Bob) last night by a score of 6-5 in front of a sold out crowd in front of the “Friendly Confines” of Wrigley Stadium (THANKS, JEFF GORDON!). To be absolutely honest, I think I would rather the Reds lose to the Cubs at this point as I am a “Sweet Lou” fan and if the Milwaukee Brewers win the division this year, I may just quit watching baseball. Ted Lilly looks to own Reds’ rookie Phil Dumatrait in tonight’s pitcher’s duel for game two at 8:05PM EST.

♦ The Cincinnati Bengals open their home preseason schedule this Saturday at 7:30PM EST against the New Orleans Saints. I am not a huge fan of the preseason because of the situations that arise (see: Kenny Irons) but if it is Bengals coverage, I am going to watch; and probably better than the actual game is the sideline interviews with the starters already out of their pads by the 2nd Quarter. Look for the offensive studs to see maybe half of the 1st Quarter before taking a seat to the reserves and if I had to speculate among the Bengals’ star skilled players, I’d say Carson plays the least with Chad a close second and Rudi plays the most with “Housh” a close second. Palmer will see maybe three-to-five series before Doug Johnson takes over as D.J. proved in the preseason opener, he needs A LOT more work to keep his second slot on the depth chart in front of Jeff Rowe.

♦ As quick as the NBA’s and NFL’s respective controversies came (Donaghy/Vick) things may be all but an after thought by the end of this week. Reports were out late afternoon that Donaghy will plead “guilty” to the charges in court today and has since surrendered himself before the hearing. In related news to come out mid-afternoon yesterday, Vick’s attorneys are now in discussions with the prosecution regarding a plea deal considering all of Vick’s co-defendants have agreed to testify against him and superceding indictments are on the horizon IF he DOESN’T take a plea deal. Both scandals could be in the books by Friday regarding the legal side of the issue and all that will remain is sentencing for each (it is said jail time would be in a plea deal for Vick, but this is merely a rumor at the moment). With Bonds’ historic home run behind us and the two major sports scandals of this century nearing closure in the court room, all that is left for the leagues’ respective commissioners is to pick up the pieces and repair their league’s image which will be no easy task for either of the three. However, I am sure the commissioners will be glad to have the majority of the issues behind them (at least the trials – – the events that garner the most publicity) so that they can begin to work internally to clean the mess up. Goodell’s job might be the easiest from this point forward if Vick takes a plea deal before the season starts as the NFL Commissioner will be able to announce the terms of Vick’s suspension and wash his hands of the entire situation. More to come on these sports scandals through the end of the week…

Vick and Donaghy updates from yesterday below, be sure to check those out. There are a few solid discussions going on in some of the older posts so feel free to jump in to those. More Bengals coverage to come as we near the half way point of preseason and we look towards the college football season as it kicks off for the Kentucky Wildcats at home in 16 days. Stay tuned all…



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