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Funny Storylines

Posted by Matt on August 12, 2007

• The Shitsburgh Steelers released their new mascot for the upcoming season, and his name? Steely McBeam. And now the self-proclaimed “tough” fans are petitioning for a name change or an all-out removal for this mascot, who is allegedly designed to look like former head coach Bill Cowher. I don’t see the resemblance but I can agree to hate it equally. Now I take pleasure in others’ pain, especially when it is anything regarding the Steelers, and I thought it was hilarious when they released this mascot and I find it even more hilarious now that I know the Steelers’ fans are revolting against it. I hope the season continues to get worse for Pittsburgh.


Steven Ames, yes the same Steven Ames that pissed off Tiger Woods at the 2006 Accenture Match Play Championships (see: When Will They Learn?), will be Tiger’s very own playing partner for the Final Round of the PGA Championships. The hilariousness, and awkwardness for Ames, of this pairing cannot be described in mere words and understand that Tiger has not forgotten the ill-fated statments made by Ames regarding Woods’ accuracy at the time. Regardless of how focus Tiger is in getting his only Major this season as to not go 0-for-4 and regardless of how committed Tiger is in reaching and eclipsing Jack Nicklaus record 18 Major victories, I am fairly certain Tiger will step his game up even more just to beat on Steven one more time for good measure.



2 Responses to “Funny Storylines”

  1. Bob Swerski said

    That Steely McBeam (insert porn name joke here) mascot is fucking ridiculous. If Da Bears decided to start a mascot and named him something like Beary McBear and looked as queer as that Mc Beam I’d no longer root for them.

  2. Doc Hancock said

    Hell, it looks like the damn scarecrow from Wizard of Oz

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