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Just For The Record… ;) – Part Two

Posted by Matt on August 10, 2007

In my first post titled “Just For The Record… ;),” I made a huge claim that’s Gene Wojciechowski was a fan of “The Nasty Boys” because of a coincidental similarity of an article he released shortly after I released my piece.

Well “Condo” has brought it to my attention that yet another ESPN “analyst” is a fan of “The Nasty Boys” and that is none other than alleged University of Kentucky hater Pat Forde.

See, just two days ago, I sounded off on Pat Forde and his article, “Quarterbacks enter 2007 with much to prove,” in my piece “When Will ESPN Respect Us?” for the simple fact that Forde went through twenty-five different quarterbacks with questions surrounding their season and made no mention of Kentucky’s own Andre Woodson.

And this wasn’t just a “homer” article either, Woodson has a legitimate shot at being the best quarterback in the SEC and is on the early list of candidates for the Manning Award, the award given to the Nation’s best quarterback.

Apparently Forde heard my loud and clear as he has dedicated his most recent masterpiece to Andre Woodson and only Andre Woodson. The article is a good read and can be found here: Woodson’s transformation sparks Kentucky’s rise (


Is Forde a fan of mine? You decide.

P.S. Forde is still on the “Kentucky Haters At ESPN” list, but he has started the rugged process of removing himself – it takes time.

“The Nasty Boys” List Of Kentucky Haters At ESPN

  1. Dick Vitale
  2. Andy Katz
  3. Pat Forde

2 Responses to “Just For The Record… ;) – Part Two”

  1. bcsbusters said

    Greetings! Great Site. Yes, Ivan Maisel reads my blog as well, as articles from his site are very similar to my own and occur around the same time as mine. I’d like to add you folks to my blog roll and would appreciate you doing the same. Visit both of my sites and decide on your own! Great work guys!

    By the way, I’m a huge Rich Brooks and Gary Henderson fan since I know both from my days in Eugene.

  2. Matt said

    I’ll add both to our Friends Of section and thanks or the kind words, BCS…

    It is a breath of fresh air around here to actually get a compliment instead of someone trolling the internet, looking to insult us.

    I am developing in to a Rich Brooks fan, that is cool that you know him – I hear he is a super nice guy.

    Ivan Maisel is my new hero.

    Thanks, again!


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