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Friday Commentary

Posted by Matt on August 10, 2007

I haven’t had a good, old-fashioned update as of late and I have decided to lay one down on this gorgeous Friday afternoon. Let us get to it:

♣ John Daly, arguably the third most popular professional golfer in the United States behind Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, finished his First Round yesterday as the out right leader and finished the first day of the PGA Championship tied for second at 3-under par. The leader as of yesterday, Graeme Storm, was 5-under going in to today’s play but finished his Secound Round at 6-over par for the day putting him at 1-over par for the tournament.

John Daly is still currently on the first page of the Leaderboard but has yet to play in the Second Round as he tees off at 3:05PM EST. Daly happens to be my second favorite (behind Tiger) and is always entertaining. His post-round press conference was nothing short of hilarious yesterday with the highlight being when John told the media that the reason he did so well in the heat was because he is “in better shape than Tiger….just kidding.” A raucous laughter ensued solidifying the fact that”Long John” is the fan-favorite to win this weekend.

♣ The Cincinnati Bengals lost their first preseason game last night 27-26 to the Detroit Lions and Jon Kitna, who I feel is the only person I could graciously lose to (and thus only team I could graciously lose to) in the NFL. Kitna is one of the classiest players in any sport and if you agree, check out my piece Why We Love Jon Kitna; – – but enough self-promotion.

The Bengals were beat up fairly badly during the game culminating with the realization that Second Round draftee, Kenny Irons, will be out for the season (check my Kenny Irons update below, Kenny Irons: Out For Season). The preseason doesn’t mean much as the Indianapolis Colts went 0-4 last preseason and we all know how badly that turned out for them (i.e. IT DIDN’T); however, the one sore spot on offense I did see was Doug Johnson. I don’t know if that guy could start for a CFL team right now as he was all over the place last night, only completing roughly 50% of his passes with a touchdown and an interception. It just goes to show you how important having a proven quarterback in the backup position, such as Jon Kitna, is to a football team. Hopefully Carson stays healthy and takes all of the snaps this season and we don’t need Johnson or, if we do need him, he figures out how to play the position.

The rest of the starters looked strong so there is nothing to worry about and it seems as if Shayne Graham has shaken the cobwebs off of the season ending field goal miss of last season as “Shayne-o-mac” went 4-5 on FGs and 2-2 on EPs during the game. The Bengals next preseason affair sees the team heading home to face the New Orleans Saints on Saturday, August 18, 2007 at 7:30PM EST.

♣ The Cincinnati Reds lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers in yesterday’s afternoon game in 11-innings thanks to not one, but two blown saves by “Fat Eddie” Guardado and Josh Burton. Victor Santos then went on to give up the ‘go-ahead’ run in the top of the 11th-inning, a solo home run to Rafael Furcal. The loss ends the Reds’ four-game winning streak and puts them back at 10.5 games behind the first place Milwaukee Brewers. I really don’t want to give up on this season, yet, but nothing short of a miracle at this point will do. Matt Belisle takes the hill at home tonight in the first game of the weekend series against the struggling San Diego Padres and pitcher Wilfredo Ledezma. First pitch for tonight’s contest is at 7:10PM EST.

♣ Other stories around the world in sports:

  • New York Yankees’ pitcher Roger Clemens was suspended five games for plunked Alex Rios in a game on Wednesday that ended a testy three-game series with the Toronto Blue Jays. Roger Clemens will only miss one start but I feel the verbiage of a five-game suspension was a bit harsh considering what happened. Jesse Litsch threw behind Alex Rodriguez in game one on Monday and Josh Towers hit Rodriguez on Tuesday so the pitch by Clemens was more than likely retaliatory; however, Clemens hit him square in the back and was in no way trying to do any long term damage.
  • Penny Hardaway has rejoined forces, in Florida no less, with Shaquille O’Neal after signing a contract with the Miami Heat. Maybe the “Gentleman’s Club” of the Heat in elder statesmen Shaquille O’Neal, Alonzo Mourning, Penny Hardaway, and Antoine Walker have one more run in them next season before they all enter the retirement home.
  • And lastly, San Francisco Giant Barry Bonds is now up to 757 career home runs after breaking the record earlier in the week. Bonds’ climb to immortality continues…

Another fun week here at TNB so catch up on anything you might have missed as we have tons more to come through the weekend. “Doc’s” college football previews continue tomorrow with the Alabama Crimson Tide. “Doc” is picking off the teams one-by-one so for anybody in the South / South East region, be sure to catch some of “Doc’s” previews from your area of the country (College Football Previews (link)). If your team isn’t represented but you’d like to see a preview written up on them, drop us a line in the comments section of this post and I’ll see if “Doc” or I can fit that piece in to our busy schedules. We will definitely try our best to fulfill any requests for our viewers.

In related news, I’ll have the NASCAR preview up by Sunday morning as the boys roll in to Watkins Glen for the second ‘road-race’ of the season and hopefully by the end of next week, or so, I’ll have that much-anticipated piece on steroids from 1995. “Charlie Hustle” is nearly done with his move and starts his new job next week so best wishes go out to Josh but fans of “Charlie” shouldn’t worry as he will still be around to drop his hilarious insights on us periodically and he will be more than ready to take an active role for the upcoming football seasons.

Obviously more to come so check back often and have a great weekend…



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