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Madden 2008 Player Ratings

Posted by Bob Swerski on August 9, 2007


The Player ratings for Madden 2008 are out and the following people recieved a perfect 99 score:

LaDainian Tomlinson

Walter Jones

Champ Bailey

Brian Urlacher

Peyton Manning

Steve Smith

Steve Hutchinson

Troy Palamalu

Ed Reed

I personally feel that Ed Reed should not have received a perfect score, maybe somewhere around 95% overall.  Also, two people I think who were deserving of a perfect score were Chad Johnson, who led the league in receiving yards last year, was tied for 17th in receiving touchdowns and had one of the highest average yards per catch in the league, and Jason Taylor, who was 4th in the league in sacks, had 9 forced fumbles, 2 interceptions, and has enough speed to deserve a 99 rating.

Feel free to discuss who you think should have received a 99% or who you think shouldn’t have but did in the comments.


24 Responses to “Madden 2008 Player Ratings”

  1. Matt said

    I heard Michael Vick is only a 93, but his Fight Instigation rating is 100 – the highest individual rating of any player on Madden NFL 2008.

    In all seriousness I cannot believe there isn’t Defensive Lineman at 99, no TEs, Ks, or Ps? Hmmm…I don’t understand how they do it but I am sure that is why I am here and they are there.

  2. Condo said

    I’d put Sean Taylor on that list at a 99 rating before I’d put Ed Reed at the safety position anyway. Reed may have more INTs because he plays a better ‘center field’ than anyone in the league, but in run support, you won’t find anyone better than Polamalu and Sean Taylor, and Taylor can make some plays in that secondary as well.

    And what about Shawn Merriman? The dude’s an absolute beast, 16+ sacks and you only played in 12 games?!? That’s nuts in its own right there.

    I don’t know, I’m not quite as big on Madden as some people are so therefore I am not one who should be evaluating who should have a 99 rating and who shouldn’t, but it’s just hard to believe that Ed Reed is a 99 overall.

  3. Bob Swerski said

    I’m happy Merriman didn’t make it cause he is a steruiod user and he suycks… I maybe be drunbk but I know he is an assbag. A;sp, kickers and punters will never be a 99 because they have alot of other stats which they need to complete before they are 99, such as soeed, stamina, tackle…which is why m,post great kickers should only be like in the 80’s


  4. Matt said

    I have to agree with Chris that Shawne Merriman is worthy of a 99, the guy might’ve recorded 100 sacks had he played the whole season. That being said, I will also have to agree with a drunk Bob and add that had Madden given a 99 to Merriman, there might’ve been some bad publicity and flak for rewarding a guy who was suspendefor using steroids.

    I am curious to know what Merriman got now based on the steroid issue…

    Good discussion with the post, Bob. I am trying to think of who else got slighted…it would be nice to see the entire list.

  5. boney said

    Calvin Johnson should be a 99

  6. Bob Swerski said

    a Rookie deserves a 99?? I think you have to prove something first

  7. Matt said

    Boney is a Detroit homer… ;)

    What about Marvin Harrison? I guess age is a factor but he helps Payton maintain that 99 he has as a QB…

  8. Nfler said

    I think these following players should be 99 overall… Terrell Owens, Leonard Davis, Joey Porter, Takeo Spikes, Robert Gallery and of course Dominic rhodes He led the colts to the championship !! wouldn’t you agree ?

  9. Bob Swerski said

    I actually wouldn’t agree on masny of those picks. T.O. is the most overrated player in the league, and it isn’t just because he is a douchebag but because he drops more balls then the black guy (Featherstone I believe) from Necessary Roughness. Joey Porter, thats a joke. And Dominic Rhodes? He was soooo good that the Colts got rid of him and kept Addai (who was and will be a better back then Rhodes). Not to mention that I think another player led the Colts to the Championship and he wasn’t a running back

  10. Boney said

    hmm… I recently acquired a PS3 to go with my PS2, and I have Madden 08 for both. Can someone please tell me why the ratings are different? In the PS2, Mike Furrey is rated 87, and so is Calvin Johnson… in the PS3, CJ is a 87 (I think) but Furrey is an 83.

  11. Matt said

    The only thing I can figure is that the PS3 edition was more in depth and is more recent than the PS2 edition…

    That is odd, does the PS3 games update via the internet automatically?

  12. boney said

    I do not know since I lost my wireless internet information… once I get that back, I will hook it up and find out.

  13. Nfler said

    The colts only got rid of Rhodes because they couldn’t afford him…A few other players that should be 98 or 99 are : Marshawn Lynch , Kevin Williams, Larry Johnson , Willis Mcgahee, Thomas Jones, Justin Griffith, Steven Jackson, Kevin Jones there’s no acception about it, and someone who should be around a 95 overall is Jamal lewis , I mean what were these guys thinking wouldn’t you put ALL of these guys at around a 99 overall ??? there pro-bowlers !

  14. Matt said

    Not Marshawn Lynch…he is going to be sweet but I think, just for purposes of “Right of Passage” if nothing else, a rookie shouldn’t get a 99 – that is the highest in the game.

    I think Vick’s dog fighting abilities should be at a 99 though…

  15. blazikin said

    I dont have madden but i will be getting it soon what is the unbeleveable thing with ed reed being a 99 overall it is a his record he has had it for years but more importantly what is Ladanian Tomlinson, Shawne Merriman, Steven Jackson, Marc Bulger, Reggie Bush, Vince Young, Adrian Wilson, Mario Williams, Marcus Colston, Dre’ Bly, Marcus Trufant, and kevin jones overall i think they all have a 90+ overall

  16. Matt said

    Mario Williams and Marcus Colston probably too young to be too high and Kevin Jones is too injury prone. The rest I will probably agree, although Vince Young may fall under the young category too; no pun intended.


  17. Hey great post man! I found this facebook application for all you madden fans i hop you guys will like it. Ive been using it for about 3 days now and its cool but it needs more fans. Anyone here have Xbox live? Im looking for some more people to demolish. Here is the link Madden 08 Fan Club

  18. Antonio gates not on the list? how could he have fallen from 99 in 07? He had a great year last year i think madden, no TEs or DLs?

  19. Oh and did I forget to mention TOM BRADY? i think they dropped the ball this year….

  20. DHill20 said

    WOW your wack like crazy. Ed Reed is the best player in the NFL. I mean your favorite player is probably ethan albright, but seriously Ed Reed is a monster best safety in the NFL. and sean taylor second but how you say Ed should be a 95. dawg your wack. wow Ed Reed a 95? stupid man he should be 110 is thats possible hands down the best player eva!!!!!

  21. Ed Reed was the best player in the NFL? Among defensive backs in the NFL he was tied for 152 in total tackles, had 0 sacks, had 0 forced fumbles, 0 touchdowns, and his longest INT return was a whopping 32 yards for no TD. He did have a lot of INT’s with 7, but that only made him tied for 3rd. This means that Ed Reed is a good, even great defensive back, but he is not worthy of a 99. Also keep in mind that his numbers improved from last year which is where the game got the stats. Last year he was tied for 10th with 5 INTs, only had 7 more tackles then he did this year, and also had 0 sacks. Both years his numbers were good and I would love for him to play for the Bears, but he is no 99.

  22. DHill20 said

    Na na na dude….Ed Reed your serious? Ed Reed is da number 1 safety and player in the NFL period. The reason he only had 7 piks was because hes to dam dinamic no one throws near him. Another reason is look at his corners, they monsters and Dawan Landry. Him and Sean Taylor should be the only 99s at the safety position. Palamalu some trash. Now Ed is a game changer baby and he would definitely go to da Eagles b4 the bears. Ed Reed #1 dawg. do work son!

  23. Matt said

    Swerski, you’re my hero. 0wnage.

  24. DHill20 said

    Aha. Ed Reed #1. Eagles #1. Bears, some trash, and they have hemoroids. aha

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