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When Will ESPN Respect Us?

Posted by Matt on August 8, 2007


Pat Forde of released an article yesterday, titled “Quarterbacks enter 2007 with much to prove,” in which he goes through 25 various Division 1 quarterbacks and outlines the questions that surround the player. The introduction for said article was even as follows:

“Most of the time, quarterbacks seem so cool and in command. Like they have all the answers. Not this time. Not this season. In 2007, even the nation’s very best college quarterbacks come with questions attached. No QB opens August without something to prove — to fans, to media members, to opponents, to themselves. Here’s the top 25 list of pressing quarterback questions:” –Pat Forde,

Now one would think that a quarterback like Andre Woodson who had one GREAT season last year after basically two seasons of obscurity would be someone who had LOTS of questions surrounding his season, especially trying to prove that last season was by no means a fluke, a flash-in-the-pan if you will:

  • 2006: 264-for-419 (63.0%) with 3515 YDs, 31 touchdowns, and 7 interceptions in 13 games
  • 2005: 146-for-253 (57.7%) with 1644 YDs, 6 touchdowns, and 6 interceptions in 11 games
  • 2004: 54-for-88 (61.4%) with 492 YDs, 2 touchdowns, and 1 interception in 7 games

But apparently there aren’t any questions in Forde’s eyes and I can’t imagine it is because he feels that there are no questions surrounding Kentucky this season, that they’ll run the table in the SEC and Woodson will win the Heisman Trophy. Furthermore, for a team that hadn’t won a Bowl Game in 22 years and went 8-5 (including the Music City Bowl victory over a heavily favored Clemson) in arguably America’s toughest conference, the SEC, you would think there would be a few topics of conversation going in to the season. For a team whose season records for the last six seasons, dating back to 2001, are as follows:

  1. 2001: 2-9
  2. 2002: 7-5
  3. 2003: 4-8
  4. 2004: 2-9
  5. 2005: 3-8
  6. 2006: 8-5

…you would think questions surround them would be monumental, especially considering Kentucky is returning nearly three-fourths of all starters on both sides of the ball and have their full allotment of scholarships back from their days of NCAA sanctions.

Can Andre Woodson repeat last year’s performance? Can Andre Woodson prove he is the best quarterback in the state of Kentucky? Can Andre Woodson take the pressure of trying to prove that he is the best quarterback in the SEC? Can Kentucky grow on last year’s season and turn the corner to becoming a perennial contender in a conference as tough as the SEC?

I can think of plenty of questions surrounding Andre Woodson and his squad, of course I am wearing blue-colored glasses, but if you’re looking at 25 different quarterbacks, you would have to think Woodson would be in those discussions.

Kentucky still cannot get any respect and it was even more evident in the Preseason Coach’s Poll that had Kentucky at 49th (after finishing the season in the Top 35 of both the AP Poll and the Coach’s Poll last season) and had them two spots below the Duke University Blue Devils! DUKE FINISHED 0-12 LAST SEASON AND 0-8 IN THE ACC!!!!

Give me a break.

Be it basketball or football, I am convinced that ESPN still hates the University of Kentucky:

Andy Katz Hates Kentucky (link)

Dick Drops The Ball (link)

“The Nasty Boys” List Of Kentucky Haters At ESPN

  1. Dick Vitale
  2. Andy Katz
  3. Pat Forde

4 Responses to “When Will ESPN Respect Us?”

  1. The General said

    aww…i wanted to be insulted…

  2. Charlie Hustle said

    4. Bobby Knight – Tries to fist fight Eddie Sutton in the tunnel after calling him a “crook” for paying players.

    5. Grant Hill/Christian Laettner – Never has there been a more awkward pass and shot since church donkey basketball to exintguish UK’s NCAA tournament hopes.

    6. Rick Pitino – Mr. “Larry Bird is not walking through that door, fans. Kevin McHale is not walking through that door, and Robert Parish is not walking through that door. And if you expect them to walk through that door, they’re going to be gray and old.”

    Well neither are Ron Mercer, Jamal Mashburn, Jeff Sheppard or anybody that can shoot. Terrence Williams would improve at the Eric Snow Jumpshooting camp.

    7. Marcus Randall –
    2002: Beat UK with last second touchdown pass
    2007: Pumped my gas today

    — Charlie Hustle

  3. Matt said

    Hahahahahaha…good call. I guess I shouldn’t be laughing, the majority of that list has made my life miserable at some point or another. At least Randall went nowhere in life…

  4. Doc Hancock said

    He did go somewhere………….to the gas station.

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