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Back To Work

Posted by Matt on August 6, 2007

Alright, a big week this past week here at TNB and with football just around the corner coverage of NCAA and NFL will be picking up. Doc’s previews will roll on with the Vanderbilt preview today or tomorrow and I will hopefully be attending Cincinnati Bengals’ Training Camp at some point and hope to report back from the first-hand experience.

Again, we had a great week that ended on a sour note yesterday with a few unexpected comments that Doc wrote about yesterday afternoon. I will not delete those comments as I am not going to censor this website (except for porn/spam comments) because that would defeat the purpose of having a free speech platform for sports, which is what we’re trying to do. I’ll sound off on this whole issue by tomorrow and hopefully it will help clarify what is going on here and to realign our goals as we head in to the football season.

For all of you regulars, you don’t know how much your support and readership means to us and I know, at times, it is slow around here but we go as the real life sports headlines go so don’t ever give up on us as we’re busy with our own lives, but we’re always still here. For anybody new, we appreciate you stopping by, browse around as we have a lot of GREAT archived content dating back to April. I am always trying to add “sticky” posts to the left hand menu bar to help keep everyone caught up. In short, we hope any first-timers will like what we have to offer and come back often.

Most of all, however, I would like to thank EVERYONE who is helping make TNB a moderate success in a short amount of time, whether its readers or the great crew of bloggers I have around me; they’re all really great guys.

Alright, enough of the mushy stuff. I am back to work so it is full steam ahead, just in time for the Bengals first preseason game against the Detroit Lions this Thursday (DOESN’T THAT SOUND GOOD?!?!). Josh is still in the process of moving and Doc is on vacation at the moment but everyone will still be around as need be.

Have a great week.



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