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Defending The Honor of ‘The Nasty Boys’ While On Vacation

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on August 5, 2007

I’ll have another preview of your favorite college team or conference on Monday as I prepare to return to school and shake out the hangover from my trip to Jackson, Mississippi.

As many of you readers know here at the ” The Nasty Boys,” we pride ourselves in providing intelligent and well-researched articles on the sports world, whether it’s Kentucky Wildcats sports or the hottest topics in the sports world, as well as humor and fun because, well, we’re five crazy college students who are absolutely f*cking brilliant.

I mean, how many college kids can say that their blog was linked to during the Michael Vick circus as well as

Probably not that many.

And how many of you so-called idiots that leave stupid comments on our blog can have three college graduates, an author, and a guy that is quickly turning into the Grantland Rice of our generation duplicate the success of our blog in the last few weeks?


We’re bloggers, not columnists. All of us are in our 20s and, for the most part, have a different view of the world from you idiots.

I’m sorry I have to write this from Mississippi on a Sunday, but in closing if you don’t like me or any us here at the “The Nasty Boys,” kiss our ass.

You’ll be alright.

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