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Bonds Did It

Posted by Matt on August 5, 2007

We’re all kind of finishing up our various vacations and relocations so things will be short and sweet until we return to full speed ahead sometime tomorrow. The NASCAR preview will be up shortly…


To make a long story short, Barry Bonds finally hit number 755 off of San Diego Padre Clay Hensley. The shot was an opposite field long ball that came in the 2nd-inning of the Giants’ 2-3 loss to the Padres and came on the same day as Alex Rodriguez’s 500th. For all of the bad swings it took for both to reach their respective milestones once on the cusp, it was interesting to note that they happened on the same day.

The blast ended a 2-for-14 drought since Bonds hit his 754th but my guess is more people are happy for Bud Selig for the fact that it is over than they are Bonds for being eye-level with “Hammerin'” Hank Aaron.

Congrats to Bonds, for whatever it is worth…


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