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Weekend Notes – 08/04/07

Posted by Matt on August 4, 2007

It is Saturday morning, grab the paper and a cup of coffee and settle in for some Saturday morning cartoons and an offering from “The Nasty Boys.”

  • Add Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Donovan McNabb to the growing list of celebrities (Clinton Portis (YouTube), Emmitt Smith (, Deion Sanders (AOLSports)) who don’t know how/when to shut up or have been living under a rock during the duration of the Michael Vick saga. McNabb is a “Mike Vick supporter” (AOLSports) ; oh yea? That’s nice to know Donovan, now get back to worrying about why Jeff Garcia was both better and more supported than your ass was in Philly last season.
  • The Cincinnati Reds returned to their winning ways last night (well, they never really HAD winning ways, but it is fun to pretend, right?) in a 13-4 pounding of the bottom-feeding Pittsburgh Pirates. Griffey, Dunner, and Hatty all homered for the Red Legs. Bobby Livingston takes the hill in today’s game, the second of the series, against Matt Morris, a man well traveled throughout the National League Central. First pitch is at 7:05PM EST.
  • Dale Earnhardt, Junior earned the Pole for Sunday’s race at Pocono Raceway and continued his improved driving as of late, now only if he can shake the bad luck once the Green Flag drops that has seemed to plague him the majority of his career. The race preview, as usual, will be up tomorrow morning; look for it.
  • Alex Rodriguez again went homer-less in play last night marking the seventh consecutive homer-less game for A-Rod going back to July 25, 2007 when he hit #499. During this 7-game span, Alex is 2-for-24 (.083BA) in 31 plate appearances with just 2-RBIs and 2-runs. A-Rod can’t possibly be at 499 for too much longer and when he finally gets the proverbial monkey off of his back, I feel the flood gates will return to their open state allowing Alex to finish strong on his already strong 35-home run season.
  • In related news, notable ‘roid user Barry Bonds went 0-for-4 last night, further postponing his 755th career home run that would tie him with Hank Aaron atop the all-time list. Since hitting his 754th on July 27, 2007, Bonds has gone 2-for-14 (.143BA) in 21 plate appearances with just 2-runs and 0-RBIs. Milestones seem hard to come by these days…(especially considering how the New York Mets Bullpen squandered Tom Glavine’s 300th win this past week)…
  • Detroit Tiger Neifi Perez was suspended for 80-games for his third positive test for banned stimulants. Three strikes and you’re out, Bud Selig, so why is this joker only on a half-season suspension? Selig needs some lessons from NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, because Odell Thurman has been suspended for two consecutive full seasons for a D.U.I. and a probation violation. Perez has been caught cheating THREE TIMES and is only at a half-season suspension. Where is the justice?
  • The Preseason Coach’s Poll for Division 1 football was released yesterday ( and I will be doing a side-by-side comparison with “Condo’s” version for “The Nasty Boys” with commentary about why the selection might have differed in select occasions. “Condo” will be on board with this venture, look for it first thing next week.

Enjoy the weekend!


Author’s Note: Better late than never, thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and families affected by, as well as the witnesses to, the tragedy that occurred in Minnesota on Wednesday. I am not one to get on the bandwagon of covering tragedies to a ‘t’ for the sake of sensationalism, but it is a very sad situation and I speak on behalf of the entire staff here at “The Nasty Boys” when I say that we’re thinking about those affected.


2 Responses to “Weekend Notes – 08/04/07”

  1. Boney said

    the difference between Roger Goodell and Bud Selig is the collective bargaining agreement and your lack of knowledge on the topics.

    Odell Thurman was suspended for criminal activity, Neifi was suspended for a banned substance. It’s not like the stimulant Neifi was taking caused him to get arrested.

  2. Matt said

    Selig’s steroid policy has been spineless, we’ve been over this numerous times. And honestly, your right, Odell Thurman was suspended for a D.U.I. BUT THAT ISN’T EXACTLY TOO “CRIMINAL” and it certainly has ZERO bearing on his play.

    Quite frankly, a D.U.I. or similar activity could be arguably none of our business and a banned substance does affect the game (or could).

    It is not my fault that Neifi sucks ass, he still broke the rules FOR THE THIRD TIME.

    If you don’t like our site, leave.

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