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Cry Baby Quinn

Posted by Bob Swerski on August 4, 2007


It has already been a long NFL road for “Browns” QB Brady Quinn as he now enters his second week of hold out in hopes of grabbing more money.  For those of you dumb enough as Charlie Hustle and I to watch  the 24 hour live NFL draft you would have seen just about every other college player picked before the Browns traded their 2008 first round pick to draft Brady Quinn with the 22nd pick.  It is embarassing enough to be projected to go third and then have to wait for hours and hours to not get picked, so why the hold out?  Apparetly Tom Condon (Quinn’s agent) and the Browns are hung up over increases in the fourth and fifth years of a potential deal as well as playing time incentives.  The Brown’s GM Phil Savage feels that they have made several reasonable offers to Quinn and it is time for them to make a few concessions. 

Quinn’s hold out could also have implications for the 2007-2008 season.  Brown’s coach Romeo Crennel (competeing for the title of worst coach in the NFL)  stated that it is a 2 man race for quarterback between Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson.  “He’s pretty far behind,” states Crennel. “We have a lot of offense and we’re putting it in every day. It takes awhile to get this down and get caught up on it.”

I personally don’t know why the Brown’s are even dealing with this loser.  It is bad enough that his NFL numbers are gonna be Rick Meijer-esque, but now that he is bring the team down is ridiculous.  If I were the Browns right now I would be in talks with the Atlanta Falcons trying to get some good players for Brady Quinn because I garauntee you that he is not the future in Cleveland.  Which is sad because Cleveland’s future is pretty bleak anyways.


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