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5 More Defining Moments In NASCAR History

Posted by Bob Swerski on August 1, 2007


5 more defining moments in NASCAR which were not featured during Sports Center’s “100 Defining Moments in Nascar History.”

1770 – Bourbon first distilled by settlers in Kentucky.  And the birth of hillbilly’s moonshinin’ begins.

September 20, 1991  Birth of Jerry Springer show.  Brought red necks everywhere at the fore front of American pop culture with their Skynryd shirts and their incestual relationships

June 27, 1990  Tom Cruise stars as Cole Trickle in “Days of Thunder.”  Making it the first and last good NASCAR movie before “Talladega Nights.”

Post WW2 – Tennessee Valley Authority instituted by FDR attempts to give “ridge runners” legal employment (attempt fails).

January 2000  Blue Collar Comedy Tour begins with “comedians” like Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy.”  Apparently repeating “You might be a redneck if…” and “Git-er-done” over and over is entertaining to people.  Probably the same people who find cars going past them over and over to be entertaining. 


One Response to “5 More Defining Moments In NASCAR History”

  1. Doc Hancock said

    Here’s two more:

    June 1, 1792-Kentucky becomes the 15th state and leading consumer in bourbon.

    June 1, 1796-Tennessee become the 16th state after Darrell Waltrip screams ‘boogity, boogity, boogity”

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