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Thurman Denied Reinstatement

Posted by Matt on July 26, 2007

Cincinnati Bengal Odell Thurman was denied reinstatement by Roger Goodell and the NFL.

Two reasons why this request may have been denied:

  1. The fight with his brother where the charges were dropped
  2. The Michael Vick situation has made Goodell even stricter

Regardless, Thurman will miss the 2007 season and can apply for reinstatement again this time next year. This is a huge blow to the 2007 defensive campaign for the Bengals…

Here is an article, courtesy of Thurman denied reinstatement; will miss season


2 Responses to “Thurman Denied Reinstatement”

  1. Condo said

    Seems a little unbelivable that Odell gets denied reinstatement when Vick technically has not even been suspended yet, unbelivable. The guy violated the substance abuse policy on drugs and got 4 games, then Odell got a DUI (not nearly as bad as some of the stuff Vick and Pac Man are accused of doing) and got suspended the rest of the season, pretty harsh right there if you ask me.

    Hell, his team Chris Henry got in trouble with the law numerous times for (insert crime here) and only got 8 games from Goddell. I think this is just a bit unfair to Odell unless he did something drastic that is being held behind closed doors. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  2. jhmeehan said

    It’s a terrible suspension. Period. This really shows how PC the country has becoming. It doesn’t matter what Vick or the rest of the Bengals have done. Thurman should be judged on his actions and his actions alone. He served his penalty and should’ve been reinstated for 2007. To be taken away from the prime of his career for a whole year is enough punishment. Two years?!?! I don’t want to hear about how our chldren look up to these people and all that crap. Goodall should not be allowed to do this but of course, he is. And we all look the other way because it’s not politically correct to speak out against it. BTW-This is coming from a diehard Steeler fan and season ticket holder. I WANT to see THurman play because he is a ggreat linebacker. Do I really care that he got a DUI?! Is it any of my business?!

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