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David Stern’s Press Conference Bullet Points

Posted by Matt on July 24, 2007

I just finished watching David Stern’s press conference regarding Tim Donaghy and the gambling crisis in the NBA.  Just to simplify the hour+ and question and answer session, here are a few bullet points from what was said:

  • The NBA was notified by the FBI on June 20, 2007 of the allegations that were beginning to surface but was told to keep quiet about it until further notice.
  • The NBA was aware in January of 2005, however, of Mr. Donaghy’s possible personal issues including erratic behavior, anger-management problems, as well as possible gambling before becoming a referee.
  • Tim Donaghy resigned on July 9, 2007 but Stern and the NBA wanted to take action on Mr. Donaghy sooner but was told by the FBI to keep quiet in order to aid the investigation.
  • Stern called this the “most serious situation and worst situation” he has ever been involved with but claimed that with all of the resources available to him, he can say, with some confidence, that this is a completely “isolated situation.”
  • Stern outlined the league’s policies (no gambling, etcetera) said that even if you do your best at securing the league, it may not stop wrong doing, especially if they’re as determined as Mr. Donaghy was; calling him a “rogue.”
  • Stern stated that the NBA will do everything in its power to “assure the fans they are doing the best they possibly can” regarding looking back and analyzing games and fixing this problem.
  • Stern said that the policies regarding referees will be more transparent in the future and that the referees will be graded more stringently.
  • The league looked in to allegations that Donaghy bet in a casino in Atlantic City during this investigation and these allegations came up frivolous, on top of the fact that the NBA works closely with the Nevada Gaming Commission and Las Vegas odds-makers to observe any abnormal or erratic movement in betting lines that the NBA should be aware of.  There is no sports gambling in Atlantic City, however.
  • David Stern laid out his entire security system for the NBA to prove that the league was doing everything it could to prevent this and this wasn’t the fault of a systematic flaw.

Mixed emotions from analysts regarding David Stern’s comments as some are not satisfied (see: Skip Bayless, former referee Mike Mathis) with all of the points made by Stern saying he was too much on the defensive in trying to prove that this was not the fault of his security system.

More to come…


2 Responses to “David Stern’s Press Conference Bullet Points”

  1. Doc Hancock said

    Man, the look on Stern’s face was priceless during the Q&A. I feel personally that this whole thing is going to finally bring an end to Stern. This stuff has been going on for years, going all the way back to the Jordan days.

  2. Charlie Hustle said

    Yeah Bill Simmons thinks Jordan playing baseball was a conspiracy by Stern to secretly suspend him because of an impending scandal on his ridiculous betting… interesting thought anyway.

    The one important fact I found interesting was that Donaghy, in reality, could never have fixed a game. It’s too hard and it would be TOO obvious. The only thing he could fix was Over/Unders on the total points betting. By controlling the fouls, he could put a team in the bonus at like 8:00 to go in the 4th quarter, slowing the game down and giving more opportunities for free throws and therefore more points.

    Since NBA referees get such autonomy and players argue even when they did commit the foul (i.e. Rasheed Wallace), noticing a crooked ref is next to impossible. Perhaps if we didn’t have these foreign players flopping like it was the World Cup, it would be more noticeable when a referee is making bad calls.

    With that being said, the calls in the Phoenix/Spurs playoff game were atrocious. As Simmons said, it’s an unspoken rule of announcers to try not to openly question the referees on air during NBA games. Especially during the playoffs where more people are watching and we aren’t watching local, biased announcers. However, the calls were so bad that they couldn’t help it when Mike Breen and Jon Barry were bewildered at the foul calls.

    It truly is a sad day for all corner store bookies that will never get any NBA action again.

    — Charlie Hustle

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