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Saturday Morning Notes, NBA Fixing, And More!

Posted by Matt on July 21, 2007

Baseball has steroids.  Football has dog fighting.  Basketball just couldn’t be left out.  With the memories of “Malace in the Palace” faint, basketball could no longer stand to be outdone by the “other two” major sporting leagues in this country; especially with thugs like Ron Artest and referee Joey Crawford sitting idly this off season.  No, not to be out done, news hit the wires last night that referee Tim Donaghy bet on NBA games, including ones that he refereed in, giving a strong possiblity to fixing such games.  Thought “Condo’s” The NBA Conspiracy Theory (link) only stood an extreme outside chance of being realistic?  Think again.  With the FBI already involved, this could stand to be the biggest blow to the NBA since….well, ever, and could be the greatest sport-gambling controversy since the “Black Sox Scandal” of 1919.  What the NBA DOESN’T need is another black eye but, well, that is just what they got; and a big one at that.

Much more as this story develops…

More ‘Saturday Morning Notes’ for our faithful viewing public:

  • The “Michael Vick Adventures” continue to roll on here at “The Nasty Boys” as we’ve now learned that PETA will be protesting the trial and/or NFL season on top of the fact that Nike has pulled Vick’s upcoming shoe from the shelves.  Ron Mexico will be arraigned Thursday, July 26, 2007 in front of a Federal judge and still stands an outside shot of recieiving state-charges in the state of Virginia to go along with his smorgasboard of Federal ones.
  • The Cincinnati Reds lost a tough one, 2-10, to the Florida Marlins last night to snap a four-game winning streak.  As has been stated before, starting pitcher Kyle Lohse is wildly inconsistent and has been all season long.  He’ll show flashes of greatness over one or two games and then completely falls apart for a handful of starts.  If his agent still believes that, after last night’s 6-and-2/3-innings and 4-earned run performance, Lohse can garner as much as Gil Meche in the open market than he is wildly over estimating Kyle’s selling power.  Bobby Livingston takes the hill against Byung-Hyun Kim in game three of four.  First pitch is at 7:05PM EST.
  • Sergio Garcia continues to lead the British Open at 6-under through two rounds of play with big names such as Davis Love III and Phil Mickelson missing the cut (5-over).  My picks, Tiger Woods and Jim Furyk, were 7-back and 4-back respectively.

By the way, the ESPN Sportsnation poll of the day today was “Which accusation is most disturbing to you as a sports fan?”  The obvious choices were: Bonds and steroids, Vick and dog fighting, or Donaghy and fixing.  The American people chose Donaghy and fixing over Vick and dog fighting 45% to 40%, with Bonds and steroids limping home at 15%.  I cannot even begin to explain how ridiculous this is.  No matter how severe this gambling scenario plays out, it will ALWAYS PALE IN COMPARISON TO DOG FIGHTING AND ABSOLUTE CRUELTY TO ANIMALS.  I do not know, especially with how the question was worded (see: “disturbing”), how anyone can begin to think that gambling is more disturbing than dog fighting.


-No NASCAR this weekend so there will be no preview; Brickyard 400 coverage starts next week.  I’ll be out of the office for the remainder of the day until tomorrow afternoon so “Condo” will be around to get you through it all.  Until then, enjoy your sports controversies, everybody!!



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