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Another Vick Update

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on July 19, 2007

According to Yahoo! Sports, Nike has just pulled the plug on the release of Michael Vick’s new shoe, Air Shox Vick V, due to Vick’s indictment on Tuesday.

In the same report, the suspension of the release of his shoe will have nothing to do with any of the four shoe products and three shirts that are endorsed by Vick. They will remain in stores for the time being.

Nike did also say that for the time being, there will be no severing ties between Vick and the company in a statement that was released this afternoon.

  • Matt – 9:15PM: More to come as this whole story develops…

  • MORE UPDATES 10:10PM – “DOC” HANCOCK: PETA has announced that they are now planning on protesting outside of Michael Vick’s hearing on July 26th.  This story continues to get worse.  More to come…

4 Responses to “Another Vick Update”

  1. johnsmart said

    Vick needs to be branded and strung up and beaten to a pulp.

  2. […] Rolling updates. […]

  3. geraldwitt said

    Keep updating this one.

  4. Matt said

    Rolling update to be up this afternoon, Geraldwitt, check that out when its released.


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