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Uneventful Kendall

Posted by Bob Swerski on July 18, 2007

Catcher Jason Kendall made his debut for the Cubs last night in front of a sold out Wrigley Field. His start was pretty… how should I say this… atrocious. Far from this .300 hitter (not this year: .226) was a night filled with dropped pop flies, passed balls, and a big night at the plate going 0-3 and getting taken out in the 9th. The issue wasn’t that that he made a few bad plays, it was that he didn’t make plays which came at important times and ended up costing the Cubs the game. One instance was when he gave up the first go ahead run in the 4th by not being able to field a difficult, but makable, play on an outfield throw from Alfonso Soriano. Then in the 8th, with the score tied and 1 out, he dropped a routine pop fly out in foul territory. This caused Roberts to eventually get on base and score what would be the game winning run for the Giants. Also in the 8th, Carlos Marmol performed a pitch out with a runner on first. It wasn’t the best throw, but it went off Kendall’s glove and found its way to the brick backstop. This was another play which Kendall should have easily made. He also almost threw one into center trying to catch Lewis in the same inning, if not for a great grab by Fontenot to save him. This just proves the fact that the Cubs should never have gotten rid of Michael Barrett. People always complained about his defense, yet the defense we have seen since we traded him has been swiss cheese, filled with holes and bad plays from the new guys behind the plate.

The day we acquired Kendall (Monday) Barrett went 3-4 with 3 RBIs. Good work on that trade, Hendry.


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