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The Michael Vick Saga Continues

Posted by Charlie Hustle on July 18, 2007


Michael Vick is now scheduled to make his first court appearance on July 26th. The charges against Vick include “Conspiracy to Travel in Interstate Commerce in Aid of Unlawful Activities” and to “Sponsor a Dog in an Animal Fighting Venture.”


According to the indictment handed down by the U.S. District Court of Richmond, VA, the following people are being charged with the crime:

Purnell A. Peace a.k.a. “P-Funk”
Quanis L. Phillips a.k.a. “Q”
Tony Taylor a.k.a. “T” and….

Michael Vick a.k.a. “Ookie”

Included in the 18-page indictment handed down by the Federal Grand Jury are VERY specific allegations of the killing of the pit bulls including electrocution, hanging, drowning, and slamming a dog into the ground to death.

Here is an example from the indictment that can be found on…

“53. In or about March 2003, PEACE, after consulting VICK about the losing female pit bull’s condition, executed the losing dog by wetting the dog down with water and electrocuting the animal.”

As much as the sports media has been hesitant to convict Michael Vick before his trial, due to obvious oversights of “media conviction” during the Duke Lacrosse rape scandal, these allegations are so specific it’s hard for anyone to believe that Vick would not be convicted.

The fact that Vick has been indicted with 3 other individuals who clearly have less to lose than “Ookie” means that they most likely would seek plea deals that would implicate Vick even more.

According to Lester Munson, Chicago lawyer and contributor to, the Federal Court in Richmond is known as the “rocket docket” because it is the fastest Federal Court in the nation for getting cases started and moving them along. Munson believes the trial will commence within 4 to 6 months.

Also according to Munson, the Richmond Court is also known for its stringent application of the law. Apparently former UVA basketball star and Houston Rocket Ralph Sampson fell behind on his child support. Usually this is handled in a settlement, but the Richmond prosecutors charged and convicted him of felonies in the matter, and Sampson spent 2 months in jail just for missing child support.

If missing child support in Richmond gets you two months in jail, I can’t imagine what massacring and torturing pit bulls will get Ookie Vick.


In December, 2004, Ookie Vick signed what was then the richest contract in the HISTORY of the NFL. The deal was a 10-year, $130-million contract with $37 million in bonuses.

However, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, if the Falcons were to release Michael Vick, the “impact, although still hefty, shrank as of June 1. The hit would be $6 million-plus for 2007 and about $15 million for 2008.

Unlike MLB, NBA, and NHL contracts, NFL contracts are not guaranteed. Most player contracts state that, “If player has engaged in personal conduct reasonably judged by Club to adversely affect or reflect on Club, then Club may terminate this contract.”

Although Ookie could be released, the salary cap ramifications for the Falcons would be “accelerated.” This means that whatever bonus money hasn’t been paid to Vick would need to be tacked onto the Falcons’ salary cap within 1-2 years. Even if Vick were suspended by the NFL, he would not be paid his salary but it would still count against the salary cap.

In late 2004 when Vick signed the contract, his release was not even in the question. As owner Arthur Blank put it, “It should be officially understood and known now that I work for Michael Vick.”

Public Opinion:

If this YouTube clip shows any indication of the public’s feelings on dog fighting, then Ookie Vick is in for a world of hurt.

P.S. The indictments are still pending on Chris Samuels under the U.S. Statute of “Laughing at Inappropriate Subjects.”

— Charlie Hustle


10 Responses to “The Michael Vick Saga Continues”

  1. Scott said

    Do you think michael reported any income from the dog killing sport to the IRS?

    If found guilty, maybe he can get an education while in PRISON :)

  2. Donna said

    Michael Vick is the animal in this scenario. How awful to have someone that kids idolize do such horrible acts. I hope he and his group go to prison for a long time. What’s up with these guys defending this type of behavior? Who’s the idiot laughing???

  3. Matt said

    Clinton Portis should be indicted just for those statements. Great piece, as always, Josh…you always bring it. If I’m Joe Gibbs, Portis loses his press contact rights. Remember, Clinton Portis is a guy who dresses up like Cirque De Soleil on a weekly basis for his press conferences, he is in no position to make an educated stance on dog fighting.

  4. johnnyace said

    i hope vick becomes the abused dog of some prison gang

  5. Condo said

    ‘The idiot’ laughing is Redskins offensive tackle Chris Samuels. He is an idiot for laughing at this stuff considering dog fighting is an extremely cruel sport.

    I do think that Portis was trying to defend Vick based on the fact that sometimes the media blows things up to be bigger and worse than what the real truth is (ala Duke Rape Lacrosse case). I hope that this tape is somewhat old and was made BEFORE the information about Vick’s involvement with the dog fighting had become more specific.

    I’d like to see them interview Portis again now to see what his stance is. I’d hope it would have at least changed some by then. But who knows, like Matt said, the guy does dress up as a woman every week for his press conferences, so he’s already a little whacky in the head as it is. Who knows what his crazy mind really does think about this.

  6. Tornoe said

    I’m a cartoonist from New Jersey. Where’s your mention of the Madden Curse :)

    Here’s the toon I did on Vick:

  7. Bob Swerski said

    You have to love this back and forth

    Portis: “A man should be allowed to do what he wants in his own house.”
    Reporter: “But it is a felony, its a crime.”
    Portis: “Not to bad of a crime you know, a lot of people commit crimes you know.”

    I don’t know, maybe where you come from a lot of people commit crimes and have dog fights, but not from where I’m from. It is the “everyone commits crimes” mentality which leads to this shit.

  8. Matt said

    That video was everything wrong with most people, I think. On the one hand you have Clinton Portis making light of a situation. I can only imagine what Portis said when Ray Lewis was being tried for murder:

    Portis: “Not too bad of a crime ya’ know, a lot of people kill people, I mean he didn’t torture him ya’ know. Putting a good man behind bars for no reason.”

    On the other hand you have Chris Samuels laughing at Portis making a joke out of a heinous crime, wait, a heinous FELONY.

    Great points, Joe. The “everybody commits crimes so I will too” reasoning is almost unfathomable. Two wrongs don’t make a right and I have lost as much respect for Samuels and Portis (if I had any for “Clinton The Cross-Dresser” to begin with) as I have for Ron Mexico a.k.a. Ookie a.k.a. Michael Vick.

  9. B-ri said

    Allen Iverson was later interviewed about the incident:

    “We’re sitting here, and Vick’s supposed to be the franchise player, and we’re talking about dog fightin’. I mean listen, we’re sitting here talking about dog fightin’, not a game, not a game, not a game, but we’re talking about dog fightin’. Not the game that he go out there and die for and play every game like it’s he last but we’re talking about dog fightin’ man. How silly is that? Now I know that he supposed to lead by example and all that and I’m not shoving that aside like it don’t mean anything. I know it’s important, I honestly do but we’re talking about dog fightin’. We’re talking about dog fightin’ man. We’re talking about dog fightin’. We’re talking about dog fightin’. We’re not talking about the game. We’re talking about dog fightin’.”

  10. Matt said

    Nice one Brian, very nice indeed. I laughed-out-loud to that one, touche my friend. Touche.

    I may have to post that video tomorrow, for the second time. You just can’t get enough of Allen Iverson and practice.

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