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He Make It Rain

Posted by Matt on July 17, 2007

Apparently yet another internet-celebrity is surfacing this week by the name of Cody Paul, a running back and kick returner for the Los Alamitos Griffins Pop Warner Pee Wee National Champions (15-0) from 2006.

The only real information that I can find on Cody is that he is eight-years old in the video below (supposedly) which took place last season, but some places say that he is thirteen-years old now (making him twelve in the video).

After some research, the Pee Wee division of Pop Warner is for 9-12 year olds, so being the national champion last year at twelve-years old would make sense as that is the oldest he could be and nine at the time would be the youngest he could be (unless he was playing up a level at eight because of his skill).

But I have also heard he is fourteen now, so who really knows.

Either way, such phrases as “The White Reggie Bush” and “Heisman winnner in 2017” are just a few examples of the type of buzz surrounding a kid who is just out of diapers (cue Dick Vitale, “He’s a DIAPER DANDY BA-BY!”).

Other whispers around the internet community is that Cody is a “soft-commit” to Pete Carroll and the University of Southern California. How much of that I believe is unknown at this point but football in this country gets fairly crazy so I would not rule it out – – and you thought Billy Gillispie’s freshman-recruit and Tim Floyd’s eigth-grade-recruit in basketball were absurd.

It is safe to assume he is between nine and twelve-years old when the following video footage was compiled and for his age, his speed, quickness, direction-changing, and vision are all phenomenal:

Cody Paul (non-safe-for-work language dubbed over video, watch with volume down)


One Response to “He Make It Rain”

  1. Condo said

    Don’t care if he’s 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16. The moves he makes in this video are nice. He does have an excellent line blocking for him as well as some nice offensive play calls and schemes to help make him look a bit better. I think he’s extremely shifty and has great vision, the question is, how fast is he? Because it wasn’t real easy to tell how fast he was (if he was really fast). The USC talk is a bunch of crap, but still, it’s interesting, we’ll see where this kid ends up in whatever year he graduates high school.

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