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Benoit Update #2

Posted by Matt on July 17, 2007


Action News 2 (link) out of Atlanta, Georgia is reporting that the toxicology reports on the body of WWE Superstar Chris Benoit, who was involved in a double-homicide/suicide with his wife and son last month, and the results are a positive test for the steroid testosterone (elevated, abnormal levels), Xanax, and hydrocodone.

His son, Daniel, also tested positive for Xanax while wife, Nancy, tested positive for Xanax, hydrocodone, and hydr0morphone.

After a bit of research for anyone, like myself, who may not have known:

Xanax (alprazolam) (link) is an anti-anxiety pill used to treat depression that has a history if illicit abuse in some people.

Hydrocodone (link) is a pain killer derived from naturally-occurring opiates that also has a reputation for illicit abuse.

Hydromorphone (link) is another, lower key pain killer that is not as well known as hydrocodone.

For Chris, it was quite a chemical cocktail he had in his system which may, or may not, shed some light on Benoit’s bizarre and erratic behavior.

However, alcohol and anabolic steroids were NOT found in his system and with one drug meant to subdue you (Xanax) and another to kill pain, relax muscles, and even make you sleepy (hydrocodone) it would seem, to the naked eye, that the drugs might not have had as much to do with the tragedy as some might think; especially with the absence of alcohol to react with the drugs.

It also is note-worthy that it seems as if Chris’ wife and son were sedated, possibly by Chris himself, at the time of their respective murders.

I will post any links if any medical experts come forward and explain how this particular combination causes a “ticking time bomb” effect that was believed to be found in Chris Benoit.

And the story continues to unfold…

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