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Another Reason Why I Hate The NCAA

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on July 12, 2007

As many of us know by now, the Oklahoma Sooners were Big 12 champions and lost in an epic Fiesta Bowl due to the trickery of Boise State in what was considered by many as one of the greatest college football games of all time.

And they accomplished this without the services of quarterback Rhett Bomar and cornerback J.D. Quinn, who were kicked off the team for violating NCAA rules a month prior to the start of the season for receiving paychecks from a place where he obviously didn’t do any work due to their status as a star OU player.

With a month to go before the Sooners open their 2007 season, the ghosts of Oklahoma’s 2005 Holiday Bowl team came back to haunt them on Wednesday afternoon as the NCAA vacated the 8-5 record the Sooners eked out for failing to monitor what happened with Bomar and Quinn during their time working at Big Red Sports and Import in Norman.

In so many words, the NCAA felt that the Oklahoma athletic department, who was already in some hot water with the NCAA due to the unauthorized phone calls that former basketball coach Kelvin Sampson made between 2003 and 2006 to potential recruits, didn’t do anything to discipline the two players that were receiving paychecks from a place that was ran by a guy who, according to a story in The Daily Oklahoman that ran this morning, had a very shady past.

Last time I checked, when you kick a star quarterback, that would have made a few writers’ Heisman lists, off of the team as well as a key starter on the defense, it meant that you wanted to play by the rules and anyone who broke those rules, star player or not, would be punished to the full extent. This is something that Bob Stoops did as a way to prevent the Sooners from its outlaw days during the tenure of Barry Switzer, when it seemed that almost every season in Norman during the 80’s the football team was in some of type of mess with the law.

And because of this NCAA crap, the 51 other kids who weren’t involved in the ongoings at Big Red Sports and Imports will have to see their 2005 season look like the seasons that are normally seen at schools like Duke and see their probationary period extend until 2010 because of the aforementioned Kelvin Sampson scandal.

Not only that, the coaching record of Bob Stoops, who has done everything he could to prevent this program from its outlaw days, will be adjusted because of something that should have never been brought up in the first place.

A punishment that in so many words is as meaningless as those boy band songs playing on my Zune.

And now because of this, the old question of whether or not these kids that do charity work for these schools should be paid or not will be brought up again.

If you ask me, the answer to that question should be yes.

Yes indeed.

Matt’s Update:  Check out “Doc’s” first piece on the NCAA, One Reason Why I Hate The NCAA


One Response to “Another Reason Why I Hate The NCAA”

  1. hotoffthepress said

    Speaking of the NCAA…

    I can’t stand it when people hide behind the “victim” label. Today, however, I have to cry fowl — or, specifically, DUCK! — when it comes to University of Oklahoma Sooners football.

    In my book, the NCAA Infractions Committee is a bunch of quacks, pretending to be objective arbiters of Division I football rules. I reached that conclusion after reviewing back-to-back “bad calls” made by the NCAA against the Oklahoma program.

    The first “bad call” — an officiating controversy surrounding the Sept. 16, 2006, battle between the team with the ugliest uniforms in college football (a.k.a., “the Oregon Ducks”) and the Oklahoma — went uncorrected by the NCAA despite conclusive video evidence showing the replay official at the game either blew the call on purpose or simply blew the call due to ineptness. Judge for yourself by taking a look at the video clip below, and then read on.

    Only the NCAA, to whom a protest was lodged by the Sooners, would stand by such a poor example of officiating.

    Now, we move on to the second “bad call” that was yesterday’s announcement by the NCAA that the Sooners will, among other things, have to erase all eight victories from their 2005 season as a result of improprieties related to three now-former players, including one-time “quarterback of the future” Rhett Bomar who set several freshman records during his single-season stint as an OU starter.

    Below is a compilation of what I know about the situation as gleaned from conversations with friends still living in the Sooner State, from news accounts and from a posting on the Oklahoma Sooners Official Athletic Site:

    Three now-former players were overpaid thousands of dollars for work they performed — or, in some cases, didn’t perform — as employees of a Norman-area car dealership, Big Red Sports and Imports (a.k.a., a big-time booster);
    University compliance officers found out about the allegations of impropriety and launched an investigation;

    When the investigation turned up proof of wrongdoing, the three players were kicked off the team, never to return;

    Despite the fact that the OU policed itself, NCAA officials weren’t satisfied and opted to force the school, among other things, to erase eight wins from their 2005 season — which ended with a thumping of the then-and-always-over-rated Oregon Ducks in the Holiday Bowl — as a result of the violations.

    After all is said and done, it should come as no surprise to any loyal Sooners fan that the NCAA levied the sanctions they did against Oklahoma football this week. After all, if it walks like a Duck and talks like a Duck, by golly, it’s a Duck. An Oregon Duck!

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