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The All-Star Break’s “In Case You Missed It”

Posted by Matt on July 11, 2007

Things slow down this time of year as the only major sports league in America is on a three-day hiatus so there is not as much in the way of news hitting the wires. That being said, we have also recently eclipsed the three-month mark so let us take a look back at some of the content from our “Nasty Boys” originals to get everyone caught up, especially any new folks that we’re extremely happy to have around.

Without further adu, some of the best, or more popular, articles from our first three months, enjoy!:

  • Matt

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Billy Gillispie Appreciates Me

Drafting, Bengals’ Style

The Geinus Of Jose Canseco

Their Headlines (You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me – 1st Edition)

  • Joint: Matt & “Charlie Hustle”

Worst Reds Team Ever?

  • “Charlie Hustle”

Barry’s Crucible


Requiem For A Season

Running Diary: Reds vs. Cubs 04-04-2007

Souls For Sale

  • “Condo”

Amare, Diaw Suspended; Suns Likely Doomed

The NBA Conspiracy Theory

Why Dallas Can’t Reach The Promised Land

Why LeBron Is Not The Next “MJ”

Why The Reds Will Not Be Able To Obtain Bullpen Help

  • And lastly, in honor of our newest “Nasty Boy,” “Bob Swerski” (a local Chicaaagoan), if you didn’t already hate NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon, you will now, enjoy!:

One Response to “The All-Star Break’s “In Case You Missed It””

  1. Bob Swerski said

    “Wrigley Stadium” Jeff Gordon is such a cock

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