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Leftovers From The Bon-Ton (7/10)

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on July 10, 2007

It’s raining here in Memphis and since I’ve had to fight with BellSouth over my internet connection this morning, only to be stuck looking like Carlos Beltran when Adam Wainwright struck him out in Game 7 of last year’s N.L.C.S., I had to use my super-intellectual brain to fix the problem myself.

With that being said, here’s the rundown of what’s going on in the Mid-South as well as the other things that didn’t see the light of day in your local newspapers.

  • On Saturday night, Memphis Redbird Brian Esposito and Isotopes infielder Andrew Beattie were arrested outside EP’s Delta Kitchen on Beale Street for resisting arrest from Memphis’ finest. Of course, this is the first time all season the Redbirds showed any kind of fight on or off the field.
  • There’s some speculation around the blogosphere, as well as some newspapers around here, that Slyvester Croon is on the hot seat at Mississippi State. For those of you that don’t know, Croon was the first African-American football coach in the SEC and he has made some strides in cleaning up the mess that he inherited from Jackie Sherill, who I personally thought was a good coach that was just in the middle of some shit he couldn’t get out of. But the constant blowouts at the hands of LSU and Auburn every year isn’t going to go unnoticed by a program that hasn’t won a conference title since 1941 or better, a fan base that is growing impatient.
  • Former Cardinal pitching phenom Rick Ankiel, who is a leading vote-getter in this year’s Triple-A All-Star game, has decided to forgo the game that will be played on Wednesday night. After what ESPN did to him during the 2000 playoffs when he threw those wild pitches against the Braves, I don’t blame him for not attending.
  • I’m sure just like all of the other “Nasty Boys,” as well as myself, we were all shocked that Vlad won the Home Run Derby in a ballpark that is normally favorable to left-handed hitters and impressed by that homer that, probably as I write this, hasn’t even landed yet. Maybe it’s on its way to Sacramento.
  • No question, the first installment of ESPN’s “The Bronx is Burning” was without a doubt dramatic and realistic, something that many sport documentaries and movies aren’t anymore. I will definitely be tuning in on next week when it goes to its normal schedule at 9:00 p.m. CDT.
  • Oh and by the way, I’m picking the American League to continue their streak of excellence over the National League tonight. The MVP will be Dan Haren, or Vlad.

My time’s up. You’ve been a great audience.. Matt and the rest of the boys will be on here later on with their thoughts on the All-Star game and wondering how in the world did Kenny Mayne go from McCovey Cove to managing a team of baseball legends in a span of two hours.


5 Responses to “Leftovers From The Bon-Ton (7/10)”

  1. Matt said

    I don’t know about San Francisco’s park anymore, it may be shorter in right field and the ball has McCovey Cove to look forward to but after seeing the height, or lack thereof, of the left field fence, I am beginning to believe it is a right-hander’s park. The temperature, coupled with the wind off of the bay, made for an interesting Home Run Derby. I think frozen ropes are the easiest way to get it out of that park, thus making it easier on the righties.

    In the post-First Round “swing off” with Pujols, Morneau had a couple that plunked off of the right field brick that would’ve been gone in left field.

    Either way, with the swirling winds, it is tough to go out with a long, high fly ball and I think I heard it is something like the second-lowest scoring ball park in Major League Baseball? (Haven’t fact-checked that, though.)


  2. Doc Hancock said

    I would have to agree on that about Moreneau also, the two smashes that he hit didn’t have that much lift on them. If the wind blew in from the northwest, there’s a chance that he or any of the left-handed batter would have won the Derby. But I guess Mother Nature wasn’t ready for that to happen in San Francisco.

  3. Condo said

    Unless the wind is dead or you are taking the same roids as Barry Bonds, it’s not easy to hit the ball into McCovey Cove. That park has been and always will be a pitcher’s park even though there may be a perception (thanks to Bonds) that it’s a homer run hitters park. Like Mowery said, it may be deeper to left than it is to right, but it is MUCH easier to hit it out to left due to that wall and the wind is usually going to blow out in that direction due to the way the bullpark is set up.

    And after closely looking at the All-Star lineups, the National League has no shot against the American League. How do you leave Jimmy Rollins (.286, 16 HR, 53 RBI, 15 SB) off the lineup and put Freddy Sanchez (.296, 2 HR, 36 RBI, 0 SB) on it? I know you have to put a Pittsburgh player on the roster, but why not Ian Snell (2.93 ERA, 93 Ks, 7-5 record)? You can’t honestly say Sanchez is better than Snell this season based on those statistics can you?

    By the way, I don’t know if any of you saw this, but on Baseball Tonight during the All-Star Selection show, Kruk & Steve Phillips got into an argument about the best SS in the National League. Kruk said it was Jimmy Rollins, Steve Phillips said it was Jose Reyes. Not a big deal, except for they kept jawing and Steve Phillips said Rollins was the FIFTH best SS in the National League behind J.J. Hardy, Hanley Ramirez, and Edgar Renteria. Now, I agree that Rollins is not as good as Reyes, maybe not quite as good as Hanley Ramirez.. but he’s better than Hardy & Renteria, so for Phillips to say Rollins is the 5th best SS in the NL is ridiculous.

    BUT, the best part of the argument, was after Phillips said Rollins was the 5th best SS, Kruk then countered with, “Well, I guess that’s why you are on this show with us and no longer a General Manager of a Major League team.”

    May very well have been the funniest comment I have EVER heard on Baseball Tonight. They quickly went to commericial after that comment, and I haven’t seen Steve Phillips on the show since.

    Just thought I would throw this in here as we were talking about the Derby and All-Star game.

  4. Jack Beard said

    Regarding your second bullet about Sylvester Croom, maybe he can get a job with the AAFL. I heard that Jackie Sherill was at the tryouts in Orlando along with several other prominant coaches. Has anyone here ever heard of the All American Football League! It’s a professional Spring league and I am amazed at how many people are talking about this. I saw it on the web, youtube, talk radio and other spots blogs. Check this site out..

    Here’s another story that gives more details about the new league.

  5. Doc Hancock said

    Thanks Jack, I’ll make sure to check that out.

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