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Michael Barrett Jersey Day

Posted by Bob Swerski on July 6, 2007


In case you missed it June 28th at Wrigley Field it was Michael Barrett 2007 home jersey day and July 1st was Michael Barrett bobble head day.  These normally wouldn’t be news worthy promotions, the only problem is that Michael Barrett is no longer the man behind home plate for the Chicago Cubs.

The Cubs made a terrible trade this month sending our beloved catcher and instigator Michael Barrett with money to the Padres for two shitty minor leaguers and a catcher who is probably worse then both Koyie Hill and Henry Blanco.  While Barrett did have a few run-ins with Cub’s players like Carlos Zambrano, he was still a great ball player and a FAR better hitter then Bowen.  Not only this, but many criticized Barrett for his lack of defensive ability.  Well not only does Bowen let breaking balls get passed him like it is out of style, but he has a worse defensive numbers then old number 8.  The fact is that the Cubs decided to trade a good player because of a few club house problems which probably could have been fixed with some simple communication.  I’ll always hold a special place for Barrett after punching White Sox catcher A.J. Pier-whatever in the face for being a dick.  Barrett, you will be missed.


Last 30 days (about the time they were traded):

Rob Bowen:  BA: .043    HR: 0     RBI: 2       E: 1    FP: .985

Michael Barrett:  BA: .314   HR: 2   RBI: 18    E: 0   FP:  1.000

The proof is in the pudding my friends.

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