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For Your 4th Of July Viewing Pleasure

Posted by Matt on July 4, 2007


First and foremost, on behalf of “The Nasty Boys” I would like to wish EVERYONE a Happy Fourth Of July!!!! Enjoy the day off with your friends, family, and fireworks. Enjoy the parades, festivals, and grill outs and celebrate one of my favorite holidays of the year; celebrate responsibly but do celebrate. Also on behalf of “The Nasty Boys,” I would like to acknowledge and thank any member of our Armed Services who is currently serving at home or abroad, has served in the past, or will serve in the future, including our troops currently at war, or have been at war, and those who have lost their lives before us. We thank them on this day that we celebrate our independence.



Be it as it may, it is a holiday and there won’t be too many updates as “The Nasty Boys” will be off doing other things with their friends and families, but if you need to kill sometime at some point throughout the day, for your Fourth of July viewing pleasure, I bring you these:

  • Ryan Parker Songs

Ryan Parker is a Cincinnati native who writes and performs sports related songs mostly focused on the Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati Bengals, and University of Kentucky Wildcats, though he has done some songs on general sports topics, but all are well written and performed and most are quite hilarious (with a few sentimental ones thrown in for good measure).

Ryan Parker’s homepage can be found here: Ryan Parker Songs

Ryan Parker’s YouTube collection can be found here:

And now, for my personal favorite, Bengal Bandwagon:

  • Boom Goes The Dynamite

As wanna-be journalists here at “The Nasty Boys” we have come to appreciate high quality journalism in its purest form (note the lengthy pauses and sighs):

  • Bubb Rubb

If college news wasn’t bad enough, you just have to love how local news always manages to find the BEST person to interview for a local story. Whether it is the one shirtless, toothless guy willing to talk after a tornado passes through or it is Bubb Rubb, local news never disappoints:

  • Cheesy Morning News Talk Shows

After seeing Bubb Rubb, do you ever think to yourself how terrible local news is, and even more so, local news morning shows? Well you’re right and they are and sometimes they get theirs:

  • Mark Mathis

Not only are local news anchors cheesy but I have just two words for you: Crazy Weathermen. When “The Nasty Boys” get their ‘Video Podcasts” up and running, this will no doubt be the style:

  • Sometimes The Morning Shows Get It Right

At least we can trust the national news morning shows…right? Well, maybe not, but this one did get it right (note she is fairly attractive too):

…And now, some of the greatest sports moments ever caught on YouTube:

  • Jose Canseco takes one off of the head:

  • Randy Johnson fastball meet bird, bird meet Randy Johnson fastball:

  • Jose Canseco warms up on the mound for Minor League All Star pitching appearance. No, really:

  • The Red Sox Pizza Toss:

Part 1: Part 2:

  • ESPN gets pranked by who they think is “Steve Bartman” (the infamous foul-ball-stealing Cubs’ fan):

…And last, but not least:

  • “Dick In A Box”:

Enjoy your Fourth everybody!!!


“The Nasty Boys”

P.S. IF any of the YouTube links go dead throughout the day, PLEASE post a comment on this article about which one so we can quickly fix it. THANKS! -Management


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