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An Unforgettable Experience

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on July 4, 2007


One year ago today, the Memphis Redbirds were in the midst of their worst season in franchise history when they faced the rival Nashville Sounds for their annual Fourth of July game at Autozone Park.

And as they did many times last season as well as this year, they managed to have an early lead in the game only to later lose 4-1 because of their shabby bullpen and blatant managerial errors made by former Redbird skipper Danny Sheaffer.

But the highlight of July 4, 2006 was not the hundreds who became American citizens after the game or the spectacular fireworks display or the record-setting 18,302 fans who were in attendance, breaking the old record of 17,308 set back in the 2002 season when the Redbirds faced these same Nashville Sounds at Autozone Park.

The highlight of that historic night was when I along with a friend of a friend shared the microphone in the Fan Radio booth at Autozone Park, which also was a girl that I happened to have a crush on at the time marking the first time in the history of Memphis professional baseball that a broadcaster’s crush ever made their presence in the broadcast booth.

And also the first time that a near-Uncle Phil incident was caught on the air as I tried to throw my friend out of the booth, not the one I had a crush on but the one who was playing the role of engineer.

One of the things that my friend said (second on the left) during the time we shared on the air, that the whole experience of coming on radio and reading a poem, as well as receiving a box of chocolates from a guy who was about as nervous as Lindsay Lohan at a service out at the Memphis Church, was that it was an experience that she would never forget.

And after what has happened for me in the year since it happened, it’s something that I’ll never forget myself.

Ah, good ol’ summer love.


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