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Our (New) Fearless Leader

Posted by Matt on July 2, 2007


In light of the firing of Cincinnati Reds’ (former) Manager, Jerry Narron, I decided to enlighten the people on interim-Manager, Pete Mackanin.

Mackanin played nine seasons of professional baseball with the Texas Rangers, Montreal Expos, Philadelphia Phillies, and Minnesota Twins, in that order.

Mackanin’s career stat-line:

  • .226 B.A., 30 home runs, 141 RBIs, 161 runs scored, and 76 BB to 290 strike outs in 1,570 at bats.

Mackanin came to the MLB by way of the Amateur Draft in 1969 to the Washington Senators, who then became the Texas Rangers before Mackanin ever took the field.

Mackanin’s MLB coaching stops:

  • 1997-2001: Montreal Expos’ Third Base Coach
  • 2003-2005: Pittsburgh Pirates’ Bench Coach
  • 2005: Pittsburgh Pirates’ Interim-Manager (posted a 12-14 record in 26 games after the firing of Lloyd McClendon)

Mackanin was most recently an Advance Scout for the Cincinnati Reds where he came them to for the 2006 season and is originally from Chicago, Illinois.

Mackanin will be announced as the interim-Manager at 12:00PM EST at a press conference in Cincinnati, Ohio.


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10 Responses to “Our (New) Fearless Leader”

  1. Doc Hancock said

    Hey, Matt, I apologize that my World Champion Cardinals got Narron fired.

  2. Matt said

    Hahaha, I would like to blame the Cardinals, however, the “Worst Reds Record Ever” looming in the near future is what I think really did him in.

  3. Condo said

    Hopefully the ‘interim’ tag sticks this time and the Reds don’t do what they’ve done in the past by hiring on their ‘interim’ managers like they did with Dave Miley & Jerry Narron. What they need to do is go ahead and let this guy finish out the season. And then go out and hire a proven bench or base coach, preferibly young who is looking for his first ML managerial position. Much like the Brewers did with Ned Yost from Atlanta, the Mets with Willie Randolph from the Yankees, the Marlins with Joe Girardi from the Yankees (til they got dumb and fired him), etc… I think someone like Andy Van Slyke from the Detroit Tigers who is learning under Jim Leyland would be someone that would fit the Reds really well. But we’ll see what happens.

  4. Matt said

    My List Of Prospects:

    Jack McKeon
    “Sweet” Lou Piniella
    Sam Wyche
    Sparky Anderson
    Pete Rose

    That is in no particular order.

  5. Doc Hancock said

    I don’t think Andy Van Slyke would be a great fit for the Reds. Perhaps they could go a different route by going after Billy Hatcher, who has a great rapport with some of the players or even Dusty Baker and Joe Giradi, who’s at the top of every team’s list.

    Oh and by the way, the next manager to probably get the ax is Toronto’s John Gibbons. Mark my word.

  6. Condo said

    I disagree with Gibbons… the team doesn’t have enough pitching and/or prospects to contend in the American League. I don’t think he’s done a bad job with what he has to work with. Not to mention with AJ Burnett and BJ Ryan, two of their marquee free agent signings from last season on the injury shelf, JP Ricardi, the Jays GM has a better chance of being thrown out before Gibbons. Personally, I think the next manager to go will be Charlie Manuel in Philly, unless Philadelphia makes the playoffs this season, he’s been rumored to go for a while now. Jim Tracy in Pittsburgh is another candidate to go after seeing the fans ‘walk out’ the other night (its undeservedly so I think if he does get the axe). Hatcher wouldn’t be a bad fit, but he doesn’t have a ‘winning background’ that I put as a prerequsisite. Van Slyke is young, energetic, and has been a catalyst for helping turn the Tigers around in Leyland’s ‘stable of coaches’. Kirk Gibson is another guy I think that wouldn’t be a bad fit.

    If you aren’t going to hire based on that, get someone with former ties to the organization that understands and has been a part of the rich tradition that the Reds have. Hatcher would be a solid fit, Hell, see if Frank Robinson wants to come back and manage, he’s old, but he’s been a part of Reds tradition.

    Bottom line, they need to get someone in here who can manage, and maybe get the players to listen and buy in to what they are selling. Because the Reds sure haven’t been buying what the manager has been selling for years now.

  7. Matt said

    Suit up Tony Ferraro.

  8. Condo said

    LOL, Tony Ferraro, 2002 Greater Miami Valley Coach of the Year… fantastic idea. Maybe if that happens maybe Wayne High School could get past districts and into regionals and even state’s without him.

  9. BoonevilleCat said

    Keep Dusty Baker as far away as possible from Homer Bailey, Aaron Harang, et al. He almost single-handedly destroyed the careers of Prior and Wood.

  10. Matt said

    He also destroyed that toothpick on a daily basis.

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