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Benoit Update

Posted by Matt on June 29, 2007

The Chris Benoit saga just took a turn for the much crazier, as it had already reached epic proportions of crazy, with the news that Benoit’s Wikipedia entry was updated nearly 14-hours before officials entered the Benoit Family house and discovered the bodies. Wikipedia is an online dictionary that allows a registered user to update and edit entries and boasts upwards of 1,900,000 articles. The Wikipedia change log shows the change happening at 12:01AM on Monday morning from an IP address register in Stamford, Connecticut, otherwise known as the home to WWE.

Either Benoit changed the post himself from a computer that was initially registered at WWE headquarters or he told someone his wife had passed and that sparked the change; nonetheless, this story continues to baffle me.


Another Update: According to CBS 46 News out of Atlanta, Georgia, a Wikipedia user from Stamford, Connecticut with an IP address matching the one appearing in the change logs has admitted to changing the Chris Benoit article prior to any actual knowledge of Benoit’s wife’s death calling the matter a “terrible coincidence.” This story remains to be strange.


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