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We’re Baaaaack

Posted by Matt on June 27, 2007


“This is my serious face!”

In a move that will definitely be one that bests Kansas University head coach Bill Self, as he was going after the same recruit, University of Kentucky head coach Billy Gillispie has landed 5-Star recruit DeAndre Liggins for the 2008 incoming class. Liggins is listed as a six foot, five inch point guard and is the third ranked point guard of the 2008 class and the 18th overall player. This is a huge early commit for Kentucky, a commodity that has seemed to elude the Wildcats in recent history, and will hopefully get the ball rolling for other top tier players to want to add to a 2008 class that is out of the gates in a blaze of glory.


But the implications aren’t just Liggins himself because realize this: in a mere 82-days Billy Clyde Gillispie has locked up a 3-Star recruit (GJ Vilarino – 6’0” PG – 2009 Class), a 4-Star recruit (Alex Legion – 6’5” SG – 2007 Class: #10 at position and #43 overall), and two 5-Star recruits (Patrick Patterson – 6’8” PF – 2007 Class: #3 at position and #17 overall & DeAndre Liggins – 6’5” PG – 2008 Class: #3 at position and #18 overall — not to mention Dakotah Euton – 6’7” PF – 2010 Class: rankings are unavailable this early but he was also being recruited by Florida and Duke).

That is what I call some ‘leg work,’ kudos to Coach Gillispie.

Now that we have defeated Florida and Duke in getting Patterson and now Kansas in getting Liggins, I can see the rest of the coaches across the nation cowering in fear, muttering those famous words that a young Heather O’Rourke, playing Carol Ann Freeling, did in Poltergeist II: The Other Side:

“They’re baaaaaack!”

And we are!


Recruitment rankings courtesy of Rivals.


15 Responses to “We’re Baaaaack”

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  2. Doc Hancock said

    How good do you think Patterson is going to be this year? Do you think he’ll get a lot of playing time?

  3. Matt said

    To be honest, I think he will be real tough this year and will certainly replace most of the production at the four spot “lost” with graduating seniors Bobby Perry and Sheray Thomas (a combined 10.9 points per game and 6.8 rebounds per game). Patterson clearly won’t average that but I think if he has a good year like I think he can he will be a solid 6 and 3 or 8 and 4 (ppg/rebs) kind of guy.

  4. Condo said

    You really think Patterson is only gonna get 6/3 or 8/4? I honestly would expect him to do more than that if he’s the stud he’s supposed to be. I’d think he’s capable of 10/7 or 12/8 if he gets enough minutes… I would think in Billy’s run & gun system, he should be able to put up those kinds of numbers with relative ease, especially w/ the cast he’ll have around him in Crawford, Bradley, Meeks, and co. to free him up on the block.

  5. Matt said

    I guess I am used to Tubby’s slow down system but by all accounts, Patrick Patterson isn’t QUITE the playmaking stud everyone is making him out to be. He was hugely discussed partly because he was the last 5-Star to sign and he waited a REALLY long time and it was between two well known rivals in Florida and Kentucky with Duke lagging a close third. I think he’ll be a superstar at Kentucky, it just remains to be seen how much time he’ll get. The only issue working in his favor is that the ‘Cats really don’t have anyone else in the post. A.J. Stewart is similar height but is only a 3-Star. Mike Williams is a 2-Star at 7’0” and our other 7-footer, Jared Carter, is on the shelf with an injury….again. Only time will tell on how he adjusts but I would say 12/8 isn’t out of reach at all, that is easily attainable. But over the course of the entire season, an average of 8/4 or 10/6 would be really respectable for him.

  6. Doc Hancock said

    If he gets to start around 20 to 25 games this season, I believe he’ll probably average 9 and 9.

  7. The General said

    “scorned” You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  8. Matt said
    v. scorned, scorn·ing, scorns
    v. tr.
    1. To consider or treat as contemptible or unworthy.

    Billy Gillispie is treating Bill Self, Billy Donovan, and Mike Krzysdflkasjdfasdi as unworthy with his recruiting prowess, in fact he seems to be beating them like a read headed step-child. However, I changed the article just for you, Will, because we are writers by the people, for the people. :)

  9. The General said

    its the small victories that make life worth living. now on to bigger things, like a neverending campaign to correct dickie v!

  10. Doc Hancock said

    And how long has that campaign been going on?

  11. Matt said

    Since the beginning of time. Go back and read “Dick Drops The Ball” from before you signed on with us.

  12. I don’t think using the picture of the deceased little Heather to further ones political gain is in good taste, and I feel it should be removed from this site for reasons of respect for the dead!

  13. Keep sports and the politics of sports on the court or field where they belong…..

  14. Matt said

    Its a screen shot of a movie…relax. I am also not using anything for my political gain as I HATE politics.

    If I want to discuss sports, then I can. It is called free speech.

  15. bob said

    support liverpool football team
    (to you yanks thats soccer)

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