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Lakers Reportedly In Trade Talks Involving Kevin Garnett

Posted by Condo on June 26, 2007


As I am sure most everyone has read on by now there has been reported trade talks amongst the Lakers, T’Wolves, and Pacers regarding a trade involving Kevin Garnett leaving Minnesota for L.A. There is mention of a fourth team being involved in the deal as well and that team appears to be the Boston Celtics.

The trade would work something like this:
The Lakers would get Garnett from Minnesota, the Pacers would get Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum from the Lakers, the Celtics would get Jermaine O’Neal from the Pacers, and the Wolves would get Al Jefferson and the #5 pick in this year’s NBA Draft from the Celtics.

This seems like it would be a good deal for everyone, except the Boston Celtics, who were exploring a trade involving trading the #5 pick, Jefferson, and others that don’t even need to be mentioned for Garnett, until Garnett said he did not want to play for Boston and would opt out of his contract next season if traded there. This of course caused Boston to back down from their offer.

ESPN Insider Chad Ford is reporting now that the Celtics, rather than sending the #5 pick and Jefferson to the Wolves, would send the #5 pick, Sebastian Telfair, Theo Ratliff, and Gerald Green to the Wolves instead. At first glance, you would think the Wolves are getting the very short end of the deal by giving up Garnett and getting really only the #5 pick to show for it. But if they can convince L.A. that the only way KG is going to leave is if they also send them their 1st round pick at #19, that could be a great deal considering it would give them 3 first round picks in a deep draft; not to mention ridding themselves of Garnett’s contract and Theo’s expiring contract at the end of this upcoming season, giving them room to pursue a big name free agent in next year’s free agency. Even if they can’t get the Lakers #19 pick, it’s still not as bad of a deal as one may seem.

In the same article on ESPN’s TrueHoop, they mention that the Suns, who don’t pick until #24, are reportedly working out top lottery pick talents Joakim Noah, Corey Brewer, and Jeff Green today. If this is the case, their agents must feel that Phoenix is really going to move up in the draft. Draft Express is reporting that by bringing in Noah, Brewer, and Green would be a sure-fire sign that Phoenix is going to be trading for the #5 or #7 pick, which Boston and Minnesota have respectively. If that’s the case, it looks like the Suns have chosen Amare Stoudamire over Shawn Marion as their egos began clashing this season and one of them was going to have to go at some point.

My guess is that if the first deal involving Garnett is true, then Marion’s heading to Minnesota in a separate deal on draft day for the #7 pick. It makes even more sense for Minnesota to trade Garnett for the #5 pick and hold their ground to make L.A. give up the #19 pick as well.

But the biggest part of all of this… will trading for ‘The Big Ticket’ be enough to keep Kobe from still wanting out of L.A? Stay tuned…


37 Responses to “Lakers Reportedly In Trade Talks Involving Kevin Garnett”

  1. Sportsattitude said

    I agree it appears from the various things I am hearing that the Suns have made a decision that it’s either Marion or Stoudamire staying around, but not both. They also obviously want to move whichever one is headed out of the desert to an Eastern Conference team if possible.

  2. Danny Ainge said

    I know this is over six months later, but I’d like to just remind everyone that:

    1. I traded for Kevin Garnett
    2. I signed him to what was effectively a four-year extension
    3. The Lakers, Suns, etc. got absolutely nothing
    4. The Boston Celtics are 27-3

  3. Matt said

    Best. Comment.

    Thread over, Ainge wins.

  4. ahmed hussein said

    was guud witchu

  5. jja said

    yah right

  6. Matt said

    Read the date on the post, shmuck.

  7. bob said


  8. Kobe Bryant said

    Hey Ainge:
    1) Lakers got Pau and Bynum and Odom and Me; the Big 4….not 3… FOUR
    2) Suns got my ex-brotha Shaq…so ya….
    3) KG injurned, Ray Allen was injured….
    4) we live in LA ya ya

  9. boston said

    CELTICS ARE THE BEST TEAM IN THE NBA KOBE!and the lakers blow!

  10. Jonathan said

    Danny Ainge says:
    1. I traded for Kevin Garnett
    2. I signed him to what was effectively a four-year extension
    3. The Lakers, Suns, etc. got absolutely nothing
    4. The Boston Celtics are 27-3

    EVERYBODY else says:
    1. AND you gave UP what LITTLE Depth we had on the Bench. ONE Injury, and y’ALL are PHUKd.
    2. Which in TURN will be OPTED out of PRIOR to the start of the ’09 Season; And STILL without any rings to SHOW for it.
    3. The Lakers, who are NOW the BEST OverAll, are 6 and 1 since they got ‘absolutely nothing’.
    4. Oh, and the SUNS, who ALSO got ‘absolutely nothing’, just KICKd Boston’s Sorry AZZ.


  11. Adam said

    K.G on da Lakers would be tight

  12. kayla said

    what is all this??

  13. isma said

    wow thats sick.
    koby will welcome his so fast

  14. lakerfreak said

    u all wanna know wut realy gets on my dick? its how when last year, when the celtics sucked, no1 was a celtic fan. but now, now because they got a big3, EVERYONE is supposidly a celtic fan.thats pretty damn pethetic. ive been a laker fan for 13years (since i was 5) and i was with them when they were bad, and now thankgod im with them when theyr the best team in the nba.this game is allot more enjoyable when u stick with 1, 2, or 3 teams. believe me. my fav 3 are lakers, suns, and orlando.(funny, shaq played on all those teams, lol).

  15. afam said

    Celtics are the best team in the nba.Lakers keep on losing to all the bad teams. They lost last night to portland. celtics never lost to them. My 3 fav teams are celtics,lakers.bulls.

  16. Udday said

    who cares about garnett, acording to what hes saying, hes gona option out next year. Lakers dont need him anyway, we got gasol now and the championship in our grip

  17. Udday said

    trading bynum and odom is like trading shaq and grant hill

  18. Hey Folks,

    Danny Ainge here (again). Couple quick reminders:

    1. The Celtics finished 66-16
    2. We picked up Sam Cassell and P.J. Brown for absolutely nothing for the playoffs
    3. We’ve rested our starters over the last month of season
    4. In head-to-head matchups over the course of their career, Kevin Garnett is 15-4 against Pau
    Gasol. Garnett averages 24.6 PPG compared to Gasol’s 17.6., 14.1 REB to Gasol’s 7.8, and 5.4
    APG to Gasol’s 2.5.
    5. In head-to-head matchups over the course of their career, Kobe Bryant and Paul Pierce are an
    even 7-7 against each other, despite Bryant routinely playing for superior teams. Pierce is
    averaging 26.8 PPG to Bryant’s 28.5, 5.6 REB to Bryant’s 5.0, and 45.4 FG% to 44.4 3P%,
    respectively, to Bryant’s 38.8 FG% and 21.9%.

  19. Matt said

    Welcome back D-Ainge…good luck in the Playoffs!

  20. Mitch Kupchak said

    Hi Danny,

    Champs win on the road.



  21. BEAT LA said

    Celtics 1
    Lakers 0

  22. BEAT LA 2 said

    Celtics 2
    lakers 0

  23. wow, Boston won at home… big suprise.

  24. Kill Them Sluts said

    Lakers – 1
    Boston – 2

    Lakers FTW!!!!!!!!

  25. Arne said

    Celtics have a lot of passion. I really hope, they make it.
    But I was shocked, If i readed this:

    ” until Garnett said he did not want to play for Boston and would opt out of his contract next season if traded there. This of course caused Boston to back down from their offer.”

    They have such a great team spirit.

    Did he really say that?
    Does anyone knows about this? And about why he didn’t quit his contract then?
    Hmm, maybe Allen is the reason? As he hearded Allen would go there too, he maybe quitted his plans?

    Sry for maybe bad spelling style, I am from Germany. :-)

  26. Condo said

    No worries Arne, half of us Americans can’t spell right or use proper grammar anyways!

    Anyway… in regards to your concerns about KG not wanting to play for Boston… that was before the Celtics made a trade for Ray Allen as well.

    Basically, there was something in Garnett’s contract that allows him to leave his contract after this season I believe it was if he was traded from Minnesota to anywhere.

    Naturally, when he saw and/or heard what Boston would’ve had to have given up initially to get him on their team, he probably thought it made no sense to go there, as it would’ve just been him and Pierce. That basically would’ve been ALL they had. He wanted to play for a NBA Finals contender… and without Allen, that wouldn’t have been the case.

    Celtics went and got Allen, then went back after KG… I’m sure Garnett saw this and realized “now we’ve got something here” and thus, was willing to accept a trade to Boston.

    Hope that answers your questions man. Thanks for reading the thread and the site as well!

  27. AuerbachTheGreat said

    Greatest comeback in NBA playoff history, Kobe gets rejected on a common “bunny shot” (as he calls them) by Paul Pierce and then recalls seeing “3 or 4 Celtics every time I got the ball” when at most the Celtics doubled him, but I seem to recall Kobe missing a wide open two at the end of the fourth, almost completely air-balling it.

    Celtics 3
    Lakers 1

    ‘Nuff Said

    Great Work Ainge, let’s get that championship and make Kobe look even more confused than he normally does.

  28. anto said

    kobe farà il culo a tutti i big three!!!!! forza lakers!!!!!

  29. Paul Pierce said

    we did it. i’m on top of the world right now. nobody believed we could do it all year. they questioned perk and rondo and look at us now. when kg and ray came here we all had to sacrifice offense and scoring to win and here we are holding up our first and most importantly for the celtics number 17 baby!

  30. AuerbachTheGreat said

    131 to 92 – Period.

  31. Nash-- marina said

    OMG! steve nash is then best basketball player in the world. he’s better than michael jordan! he’s so cool!!! anyway, is garnett getting traded to the lakers or something?

  32. Matt said

    Naa, it was just a joke…

    Thanks for the comment!

  33. Hey Guys,

    Danny Ainge here (again). Sorry I’m a little hate here. I’ve been doing a little bit of celebrating and also preparing for the draft.

    One quick reminder:

    1. For a record 17th time, The Boston Celtics are NBA Champions.

    Oh, and by the way, get rid of that photoshopped Garnett photo. Haven’t Lakers fan suffered enough?

  34. Ricky Staton said

    did some nigga really just spell Kobe ‘Koby’

  35. kobe sucks said


  36. Kevin Garnett said

    KG here,

    Sorry ive been sick the past few days with a cold, I haven’t been able to play in Minnesota or last night against the 76ers, My boy Ray hitting that game winning three, so niceeeeee…I will be alrite thought should be fine for the Lakers tomorrow night. I’m just trying to get some rest…trying to repeat is alot of work but I love it. Gotta get that banner 18 this year and then Ill be doing a nice dance at center court come June…Go green!!!

    Oh and get rid of that Lakers picture…its making me even more sick,

  37. Condoleezza Rice said

    I’m so bored right now. Because the economy is in the tank, I lost my job I’ve held for the last 8 years. This really does suck.

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