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Looking Back At The Weekend

Posted by Matt on June 25, 2007


First and foremost, I have failed you all miserably this weekend. Not only did I incorrectly predict the outcome of the College World Series (as I chose North Carolina and then proceeded to tell you to “Mark it down.”), I also incorrectly picked the outcome of the NASCAR race this weekend by selecting Tony Stewart (who finished sixth). Thus, if there is one thing you can learn from me is to not listen to me.

In my defense, however, after beating Rice I felt North Carolina would have revenge on their minds against Oregon State for last year but it is apparent to me that the Beavers just have the Tar Heels’ number. Additionally, one of my “Others To Watch For” in the NASCAR race, Jeff Gordon, went from 41st to seventh on the heels of my prediction that he’ll have a Top 10 day if he can stay out of trouble and register a few solid pit stops and that is just what he did.

Regardless, here is a couple of predictions I am going to make just to try to redeem myself:

Greg Oden will be the number one draft pick over Kevin Durant and Ken Griffey, Junior and Adam Dunn will NOT be moved before the trade deadline on July 31st.

More from the weekend:

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the beginning of the first game of the Cincinnati Reds versus Seattle Mariners on Friday (as I suggested) then you missed a fifteen-minute fellating session of Ken Griffey, Junior by the Seattle fans and the Mariners’ Front Office. After a while even I felt it was out of hand as it was for an opposing team’s player and a guy who is not yet retired. I could understand this at maybe the end of the series, after all of the games had been determined, but before the series, how do you think the current Mariners felt? I realize everyone has a general consensus on Junior so there probably wasn’t anybody offended in the Seattle dugout (plus they took the series, go figure) but #3 was getting a standing ovation every time the fans could lay eyes on him, all in front of another team’s fans.

I will admit that it was a nice display as Jay Buhner and Edgar Martinez made appearances and Junior received a few parting gifts. After the actions of the fans and some of the things Griffey said (especially the part about him being ‘at home’ in Seattle), albeit probably just a case of saying the right things for the fans, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Junior request to go back to Seattle. Especially since the prospects of playing under Lou Piniella in Chicago is looking more and more faint.

I will try and find a video link of the pregame festivities for Griffey and post it for everyone’s viewing pleasures.

Juan Pablo Montoya registered his first Nextel Cup victory of his young career and also flexed his road course muscle in the process and this should come to no surprise as Montoya was a fairly successful Formula 1 driver. Montoya will probably lead the short list of favorites for the Watkins Glen race later in the Summer.

As already stated, the Oregon State Beavers defeated the North Carolina Tar Heels in two consecutive games to claim back-to-back College World Series titles. The headline regarding this feat this morning was “Back-to-Back Beavers.” I am not even going to touch that one…

Former Major League Baseball closer Rod Beck unfortunately passed away at the age of 38 over the weekend. Most Cincinnati Reds fans that troll this site might remember Beck from his days as a Chicago Cub from 1998 to 1999. From all accounts it seems like Beck would’ve been a kick ass guy to hang out with, with his apparent affinity for cowboy boots and country music and the nickname of “Shooter.” Thoughts go out to the Beck Family.

Updates to come throughout the day and/or week, so check back often!


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