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If You Think People In Alabama Aren’t Crazy About Football, Think Again

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on June 24, 2007

Prior to my graduation from Whitehaven High School in Memphis, I was a student at one of the true football powerhouses in the state of Tennessee, Melrose High School; a school that both of my parents graduated from as well as my grandmother and numerous aunts and uncles on both sides of my family.

During the mid to late-90’s, Melrose was one of the top programs in the state of Tennessee, winning state championships in 1996 and 1998 while churning out NFL talent with players like Cedrick Wilson, Kindal Moorehead, and Dwayne Robertson.

But a year before I made the move to Whitehaven to finish my high school years, the school, along with rival Trezevant High, would be in the middle of one of the biggest scandals in Memphis prep football history.  The scandal would cost Melrose its coach Tim Thompson, who is currently doing a great job at Fayette Academy, and would place the school on a one-year probation, only toreturn to glory the following year and another appearance in the state championship game a few years later.

The reason why I brought this up is because lately, Hoover High School, the school that was portrayed in the hit MTV show “Two-a-Days,” is in suburban Birmingham has been under plenty of scrutiny due to its football program, which like Melrose, is the envy of many in the state of Alabama.

According to published reports in the papers in Birmingham, as well as blogs around the state of Alabama, Hoover High’s football team had been reportedly getting the teachers at the school to change struggling players’ grades as a way for them to remain eligible for athletic participation.

Not only that, the popular sportswriter at the Hoover Gazette, Hunter Ford, would receive his walking papers during a broadcast of the Paul Finebaum radio show on Friday afternoon after the owner of the newspaper called in to refute the allegations of head coach Rush Probst’s affair, whic was being brought up by Ford in his column and interview with Finebaum on June 20th.

Of course, this whole thing with the Hoover High football team has once again brought up what everyone outside Alabama has known for years:

They’re zealous for football and don’t have anything else better to do with their time except trying to dig up the grave of Paul “Bear” Bryant or Shug Jordan and try to give them C.P.R. so that they can get another win under their belt.

And now the sad thing about this is that Hoover, as well as another school down in Mobile, is cheating these kids, who go out on the gridiron every Friday night and bust their asses off for another step closer to gridiron glory, out of a future as productive citizens of society.

But the question is this: how long has this been going on?


6 Responses to “If You Think People In Alabama Aren’t Crazy About Football, Think Again”

  1. Condo said

    I don’t think anyone has ever doubted Alabama being crazy about their football considering they did draw over 90+ thousand fans for a freakin spring game at the University of Alabama. But this just shows the corruption that has been going on in high school and college sports for a long time. Trust me, this wasn’t the first case and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

  2. Donnda said

    Surely you people don’t think this is just happening in Alabama. I was a high school cheerleader in Tennessee when I was younger, and I know for a fact grades were being changed then. Don’t be so nieve! Maybe you are just jealous because Alabama has finally lived down a few years of the Tennesse coach ratting on them…..Saban is down there now!!! Better watch out!!!

    I’m not saying grade changing has any benefits at all, I’m only saying wake up. It’s happening everywhere. Sports isn’t always fair, ask Barry Bonds, and some teach he is a “hero”. Unbelieveable…..

  3. Matt said

    Oh, we aren’t naive…I just think we all agree Alabama is one of the most hardcore states when it comes to football and the aforementioned actions…

  4. When you look at football dominance, the two states that always stick out are Alabama and Texas. With basketball it’s the states of Indiana and Kentucky. I remembered during my childhood we went up to Freedom Hall in Louisville for a holiday high school tournament and the atmosphere there was like something you would see at a Louisville Cardinals game.

  5. Tara Laddie said

    You have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m from al. In fact I went to hoover. You don’t know these guys and you don’t know how hard they work. Sure there are teachers that help out and give the guys passing grades to play, but honestly what school doesn’t have that teacher that passes the football or basketball players for that matter. I know these guys and i know a lot of them work hard at school and they are very smart. They work at football so they can get scholarships to go to college and get a good education. You can’t say shit because you haven’t gone to that school or seen what really goes on.

  6. anon said

    tara AL sucks. your team sucks. your just a spoild little rich slut.

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