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Bryant Reiterates Trade Demands, Iverson Reiterates Absurdity Of Practice

Posted by Matt on June 18, 2007


Being a father is, at times, a thankless job and is the reasoning behind the holiday Father’s Day (that and Hallmark’s wallet, but that is neither here nor there).  Well apparently Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant could not handle everybody else getting all of the attention yesterday as he pulled a Curt Schilling maneuver and went on his website and made, well, a statement he’s already made:

“The more I thought about the future, the more I became convinced that the Lakers and me just have two different visions for the future.”

First off, he must be like Dick Vitale and Andy Katz over at and doesn’t have an editor because I believe the proper English is “the Lakers and I,” not “me.” 

Secondly, Kobe: just shut up.  I mean honestly, WE KNOW YOU WANT TO BE TRADED.  You woke up this morning to tell us things haven’t changed.  Well I woke up this morning and still had to take a shit after my morning coffee; the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Take your lumps like the rest of us and wherever you end up come next season, come to work everyday and do what you’re supposed to do, it isn’t that hard.  I realize he has a blog and I don’t have to read it, but I also feel he should bring something new to the table and not just say what he’s already said.

…with all of this free time that he has on his hands, Bryant and Schilling ought to just become ‘Pen Pals’ if Kobe enjoy’s writing poorly written redundancy so much.  But I digress…

Anyways, without further ado, what you’re all really reading this article for, the clip we’ve all been waiting on:


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