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Race Update

Posted by Matt on June 17, 2007

In the first half of the race my pick to win, Matt Kenseth, had moved up to the Top 15 from his 26th starting position as predicted.  Kenseth was racing well when, during a caution restart, a one Ryan “No Drive” Newman, who was already multiple laps down, began driving like it was the last lap of the Daytona 500 and started a chain of collisions that sent Kenseth to the garage.  They hadn’t even raced an entire lap at full speed when “No Drive” Newman got caught up with Jeff Green trying to get one of many laps back.  Listen, it is bad enough that it happened on a restart, but for it to be a car that IS NOT EVEN IN CONTENTION.  If you’re out of the running, move to the high side and don’t ruin the race for someone else.  You do have all the right in the world to try and make a comeback but do it with cautions and strategic pitting, DON’T CAUSE A CAUTION.

I still maintain Kenseth would’ve won it, but keep an eye on the others I noted as Greg Biffle and Jeff Gordon are running in the Top 10 and Jimmie Johnson has already led a handful of laps.  Should be a decent race but I’ll be watching the ‘Tiger Woods Show’ on NBC for most of the afternoon.


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