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The NBA Conspiracy Theory

Posted by Condo on June 13, 2007


These 2007 NBA Playoffs have been filled with many ‘unique’ twists and turns. First, there was the complete collapse by the Dallas Mavericks. The NBA’s best team in the regular season with 67 wins, falling in the first round to Golden State who had to win on the final day of the regular season just to get to 2 games over .500 and receive the #8 seed in the NBA playoffs. That marked only the 2nd time in the history of the NBA that a #1 seed had lost to a #8 seed, the first being in 1994 when the 63 win Seattle SuperSonics lost to the #8 seed Denver Nuggets in 5 games of a 5 game series.

Next, there was the defending champion Miami Heat, who not only lost in the first round of the playoffs, but were swept by the #5 seed Chicago Bulls in 4 games. Miami became the first defending champion in NBA history to be swept in the first round the following season.

Then there was LeBron James. After hearing all the criticism in the first two games of the Eastern Confrence Finals about how he needed to “step up his game” and lead his team if they wanted to beat the Pistons, he brought it. Especially in his historic Game 5 in Detroit where he scored the team’s final 25 points, and 29 of the final 30, to lead the Cavs to victory in Game 5, eventually closing the Pistons out in 6 games to lead the Cavaliers to their first ever NBA Finals.

And finally, there were the San Antonio Spurs. This leads into the NBA conspiracy theory in which I believe that the NBA is doing everything in their power to ensure that the San Antonio Spurs win the NBA championship. Ever since this incident (shown below), San Antonio has gotten every single break that they could possibly receive in these NBA playoffs.

That incident you see is Joey Crawford ejecting Tim Duncan from a late season game versus the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavericks eventually won the game and it killed San Antonio’s shot at stealing the #2 seed away from Phoenix and gaining homecourt advantage in the first 2 rounds of the playoffs. After the incident, Crawford was suspended from his duties as referee for the remainder of the season, including the playoffs, and may never return as an NBA referee. As for the Spurs, it’s my belief that David Stern and the NBA has decided since they felt the Spurs were “wronged” by the NBA and they are trying to make it “right” by doing everything possible to give them the NBA title.

Point number one. Game 1, Western Conference Semifinals in Phoenix. With the Suns down by a few points late in the game, Steve Nash and Tony Parker collide into each other giving Nash a bloody nose. Nash of course, by NBA rules, was not allowed to re-enter the game until the bleeding had stopped and had no blood on him. Somehow, miraculously the Suns medical staff was “unable” to stop the bleeding, keeping Nash from coming back into the game until it was too late, and the Spurs were able to steal game one in San Antonio. Maybe it’s me, but you’d think the medical staff would be able to stop the bleeding on a bloody nose a lot easier than they were able to that day for Nash. This might be a stretch, but somehow, I think the Stern wanted to make sure Nash couldn’t be in the game and the Spurs could win Game 1.

Point number two. Game 4, Western Conference Semifinals in San Antonio. Late in the 4th quarter with the game already in hand for Phoenix, Nash caught an inbounds pass and started pushing up the floor to run the clock and avoid being fouled. “Cheap Shot” Robert Horry body checked Nash into the scorers table and then flailed his arm at Raja Bell. During that time, Suns players Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw went running over towards Nash and the “altercation.”  NBA rules, of course, state that if a player leaves the bench during an altercation, they are suspended for one game. It is however, a judgement call made by the commissioner’s office, and given the situation, they could have chosen to do the right thing and not suspend Stoudemire or Diaw.  But of course, they decided to suspend both for one game and only suspended Horry for 2 games.

This basically was the NBA’s way of saying, cheapshots are OK. The other thing I find ironic, is earlier in that game, there was an incident where Francisco Elson of the Spurs, after a dunk, came down on a Suns player and the Suns player appeared to be trying to start something with Elson. When that happened, Duncan got off the bench and stepped onto the floor, and Bowen, knowing the rule, got up and grabbed Duncan and brought him back to the bench. So if the commissioner was trying to stick to ‘the letter of the law’ he would have suspended Duncan and Bowen as well. Instead, they ruled that it was not an altercation therefore neither one did anything wrong. Give me a break, that’s just the conspiracy theory at its most obvious point. This of course led to the Suns losing Game 5 and eventually the series to the Spurs in 6 games.

And now point three. In these NBA Finals, LeBron has not gotten foul calls, which is typical of how the entire playoffs have been for him, but it has not kept him from attacking the hoop and doing his thing in the other three playoff series. But in these first three games versus the Spurs, LeBron has been EXTREMELY passive and not trying to go the hoop at all. Is it possible that David Stern let LeBron know that his time is not now and that the Spurs have to win this title, and promised him more titles in the future? I know that it’s a stretch, but I believe it’s a foregone conclusion that the Cavs will be back to the finals again with LeBron and I can’t remember a superstar of LeBron’s level taking so many awful shots and not attacking the hoop with the same abandon he had done in the rest of the playoffs along with his passive play. He doesn’t seem to have the same drive and desire in these NBA Finals that he had in the Eastern Conference Finals and sure, you could attribute it to lack of Finals experience or fatigue, but you didn’t see D-Wade display this type passiveness in his first NBA Finals, or Michael Jordan before him, and it just makes me wonder if David Stern doesn’t have something to do with it.

Let’s face it, the Spurs have gotten quite a few bounces in their favor, not to mention getting a majority of the calls on flops, no calls, travels, etcetera.  Manu ‘Flop’obili has been in rare form with the flopping in these playoffs looking like a World Cup soccer star, Tony Parker is taking 5 steps to the hoop on nearly every drive to the basket and not getting called for travelling, and Duncan has gotten away with his share of fouls and gotten his share of calls on the offensive end as well.

Some people say it’s just a fortunate occurance of events for the Spurs, but I believe it’s a David Stern NBA conspiracy theory. Just as I believe last years NBA Finals were a conspiracy as well with all of the foul calls that Wade got in the final 4 games of the series. Keep this up NBA and you will start drawing ratings of 0.1 for your NBA Finals games. Hope you are happy Mr. Stern.


8 Responses to “The NBA Conspiracy Theory”

  1. Charlie Hustle said

    I’m sorry but come on…

    First of all…

    “Point #1”: The last time I checked, when Nash was bleeding it was his own trainer that was treating his wound. I watched this game. It was even his own fault because he tried to check Tony Parker in the open court and threw his face in there and got caught. Unfortunately for him he gashed his face, and even tried to re-enter the game, only to have his blood spill all over the court again.

    What would you rather have happen? Players don’t have to worry about bloody cuts so Magic’s AIDS blood can go everywhere? This is one of the most reasonable and sound rules in the game….

    “Hey if you have a deadly blood-transmitted virus, please don’t give it to other players by gushing blood like you are in Children of the Fucking Corn all over the fucking basketball court.” — David “Conspiracy” Stern

    Second of all,

    All these “non-calls” that LeBronBron hasn’t gotten in the finals in Point 3…. let’s take a look at the number of foul shots through the series so far….

    LeBron – 23
    Ginobili – 19
    Duncan – 11

    Last time I checked, Duncan is an instant Hall-of-Famer and 3-time Champion. He should be the one “getting” calls, not Mister “My biggest accomplishment is a state title in fucking Ohio.”

    The bottom line is the Cavs fucking stink. Larry Hughes stinks. Ilgauskas stinks. Donyell Marshall is old and stinks. Damon Jones owns 5000 suits and stinks. Eric Snow can’t beat a homeless person in H-O-R-S-E and stinks. Drew Gooden has a happy trail on the back of his head and he stinks. Mike Brown is fucking Bubba Gump and he stinks. They stink. No good. Donyell Marshall and Eric Snow COULDNT MAKE THE WASHINGTON GENERALS, WHO GET PAID TO LOSE TO THE GLOBETROTTERS. Like 0-50000 are the Generals. The Cavs aren’t fucking as good as the seeds #1-6 in the West, and probably #1-8. I would pay more to see Golden State and Cleveland play… in a pickup game… by a statue where a bum urinates. Why? CUZ THEY BOTH FUCKING STINK.

    The only conspiracy this series is that they DIDNT fix the games to get ratings. This NBA finals is shit and if David Stern was fixing anything, he would try to make it at least interesing.

    — Charlie Hustle.

  2. Gotti said

    If the NBA was rigged they did a pretty shitty job seeing as these finals have gotten the worst ratings in NBA history. Also, the idea that he is trying to “right the wrong of Joey Crawford” is probably one of the dumbest things I have ever heard in my life. I don’t really even know how to combat that statement other then by just saying no, you are completely wrong. The fact of the matter is that the NBA is filled with trashy douchebag players with no class who no one wants to watch. There is no excitement in the game primarily because there is no rivalry anymore like you saw in the past. In the Eastern Confrence in the 90’s you had Bulls v. Pistons, Bulls V. Cavs, and Bulls v. Knicks. The Bulls and the Knicks HATED each other. Now you have some made up drama about Shaq and Kobe and no one could give a shit less because one is a guard and one is a center. The point is that the NBA blows and it always will because the people who play it for the most part are garbage, between ‘Sheed bitching and jumping up and down about every call to fights in the stands, to wanting to sit out to record rap albums, this sport is shit


  3. Condo said

    Alright, I have no problem admitting that points #1 and #3 are a bit of a stretch. But in point #1 I was not arguing the rule, the rule is imporant and a good rule. My point was that it happened with nearly 4 minutes left in the 4th quarter and somehow the Suns medical staff was not able to ‘stop the bleeding’. Which in my conspiracy was the NBA telling the Med Staff to not get it patched up ASAP, which probably isn’t the case, but if it isn’t, then the Suns need to hire a new med staff immediately.

    In point #3, I was more or less trying to show the lack of aggressiveness that LeBron has shown so far in this series vs the Spurs compared to what he showed in the last 4 games of the Detroit series. It just makes me wonder why he is not being aggressive and is being as passive as he’s been, because it makes no sense. As you said, the rest of his supporting cast sucks and Mike Brown is not a quality coach, so why not be more aggressive? Just baffles me and wonder if Stern had something to do with it.

    Again, this is just my opinion and you can take it however you want. But that’s just my feelings towards everything and I DEFINITELY do not agree with what the NBA did in game 4 between the Suns/Spurs and how they handled the whole situation.

  4. The General said

    I do believe the Generals in fact have one victory, and that they only around 1300 games.

    Dont be talking about my boys.

  5. Doc Hancock said

    I brought this discussion up with someone at work and I always believed in my heart that David Stern in some way or another “gave” the Spurs the Western Conference. They don’t have the buzz of a Dallas, of a Phoenix, and they represent what is right with the NBA in David Stern’s eyes.

    Why do you think the Western Conference Finals was so damnned one-sided? Think about it.

  6. Matt said

    Since all of the other ‘Nasty Boys’ have weighed in, it is time for the commish to give his two cents.

    I think there is a conspiracy within the McDonald’s franchise to keep the McRib from coming back. Seriously, when is the last time you’ve seen a McRib? Think about it.

  7. Charlie Hustle said

    So the Washington Generals got one more win than the Cavs in the Finals? I bet ole Meadowlark Lemon is smilin down from heaven after he just won a game of H-O-R-S-E against Elvis by shooting a basketball out of his ass from halfcourt and swooshing it.

    P.S. I think instead of the D-League, they should have the O-League or Old League. Oldies like Patrick Ewing could warm up with huge ice packs on their knees and sweat profusely before any physical activity has occurred. Burn outs like Eric Snow and Donyell Marshall would be the cocky new guys, ready to take over the O-League from Buck Williams and Olden Polynice. A dirty player like Bruce Bowen would be responsible for at least 50 career ending injuries. I really think this would sell.

    — Charlie Hustle

  8. Matt said

    The McRib would be the OFFICIAL rib sandwhich of the O-League and its primary sponsor. I think we’re on to something here.

    Got the itis? Try McRibs.

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