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Cormier Is Not A Baseball Name

Posted by Matt on June 7, 2007

Lance Robert Cormier – Pitcher, Atlanta Braves

Rheal Paul Cormier – Pitcher, Unemployed (most recent team: Cincinnati Reds)

These are not baseball names, they are hockey names or Northwest-European futbol names, but not baseball names. I’ll tell you why:

Lance Cormier – in one appearance (one start) for the Atlanta Braves this season, Lance Cormier is 0-1 with an 18.0-ERA. In his lone showing, Lance gave up 8-runs on 9-hits in just 4.0-innings of work.

Rheal Cormier – in six appearances (all relief) for the Cincinnati Reds this season, Rheal Cormier is 0-0 with a 9.0-ERA. Rheal has given up 3-runs on 4-hits in just 3.0-innings of work and was recently released by the Cincinnati Reds.

Now, to my knowledge, the Cormiers, as Forrest Gump would say, “are not of relation,” but judging by the statistics one would think there was something in the Cormier genetic-makeup that makes them inept at pitching in the Major Leagues.

How did the Cincinnati Reds acquire Rheal Cormier you might ask? In a late-season deal last year with the Philadelphia Phillies that sent right-handed-pitcher Justin Germano to Philly. Where is Germano now, you say?

IN San Diego working for the Padres with a 4-0 record on 5-starts with an ERA of 1.74 (6-earned runs in 31.0-innings pitched).

Now in the Reds defense, though relatively futile, Rheal did have a couple flash-in-the-pan seasons during his five-and-a-half seasons with the Phillies (2003: 1.70-ERA on 84.7-innings pitched and 2006: 1.59-ERA on 34.0-innings pitched). However, his career ERA is above 4.0 (4.03) and he is a reliever.

The Reds seem forever intrigued by the pitchers who have one solid year amidst an average, or below average, career (see: Eric Milton); and Cormier is not the name of a baseball superstar.

UPDATE: Per “Charlie Hustle,” Justin Germano was 23-years-old while Rheal Cormier was 39-years-old at the time of the trade.  The Reds just can’t have all of that young talent lying around…

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