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“The Nasty Boys”

Posted by Matt on June 5, 2007


Our new namesake, “The Nasty Boys,” is derived from the Cincinnati Reds’ relief pitching trio of the same name. The trio consisted of Rob Dibble, Norm Charlton, and Randy Myers and all helped lead the Cincinnati Reds to the World Series title in 1990. During the World Series, “The Nasty Boys” combined for 8 2/3-innings of baseball with 0 earned runs on six hits in a four-game-sweep of the Oakland Athletics.

The name change came for several reasons but we wanted something unique and original while still tying us to our roots: Southwestern Ohio. We will still be covering every topic we have covered in the past, actually hoping to cover more and more each day, but we will NOT just focus on the Cincinnati Reds like the explanation of the name might imply. We just wanted to have a bit of nostalgia as we move forward with the site, hopefully expanding.

The other reason for the selection of this name is we are trying to add insight that is, at times, edgy and even possibly controversial. We want to incite conversation or discussion on sports topics, not merely to reiterate what has already been said in the media. We want to add brash commentary to the “sports blogosphere” without making lip-service to the fans. We still will maintain the same goals and not all articles may be funny or controversial, but we hope it is all new, interesting, and entertaining.

With this name we are hoping to really start making our own identity and grow from there, creating our own unique voice that is fresh to the internet.

Thank-you all for your continued support!


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