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Donovan’s Indecision

Posted by Matt on June 4, 2007

News broke on Sunday, June 3, 2007 at approximately 11:30PM EST on ESPN’s “30 at 30 Update.”:

Billy Donovan is having “second thoughts” about taking the Orlando Magic head coaching position and would like to return to coach at the University of Florida.

This has got to be one of the biggest flip-flops in the sports world since Michael Jordan left basketball to play, rather attempt to play, baseball, only to return to basketball a short while later. The indecision of Coach Donovan really details just how selfish he may be and outlines just how little he thought this process through. I realize he was trying to hurry the decision as to not put the University of Florida in a bind, but seriously, you have to put a little more thought in to it than he did.

Now I understand that the Orlando Magic will not want to pay that type of money to a man who does not really want to be there and thus will probably let him out of the contract, however, it is unfair as to how easily college coaches can come and go, breaking promises of “in it for the long haul” with these recruits. I guarantee you if Jai Lucas began to get cold feet three days in to his commitment when friend Patrick Patterson committed to Kentucky, just as Donovan did in Orlando, and tried to get out of his Letter of Intent, just as Donovan is doing with his contract, Billy and the Florida Athletic Department would have none of it.

I hope Donovan does not return to Florida but that seems to be the direction he is going and if so, at least I will be able to sleep knowing he made a complete fool of himself when making this decision. Furthermore, he may never get another NBA shot for the rest of his days, so may he be happy with what he chooses if it is indeed returning to Florida.

Listen, he needs to try the NBA at this point, regardless if history dictates failure for college coaches in the NBA. He has nothing left to prove in Florida, why not head to the NBA to pad the pocketbook, try a new brand of basketball, and if successful, have the legacy of being one of the few true college-to-NBA success stories in history. If he were to fail, college basketball would accept him back with open arms and he’d be the top coaching prospect in the nation during that year’s off-season.

Billy Donovan is doing a complete disservice to college basketball, the NBA, the Orlando Magic, the University of Florida, and his new batch of recruits with this limbo. However, the victim of this indecision I feel the worst for is Virginia Commonwealth head coach and heir-apparent to the Florida throne, Anthony Grant. How would it feel to be a shoe-in for the position, be in contact with the Athletic Director to iron out a deal, only to have Jeremy Foley yank the offer on the possibility of a Donovan renege. I can see it now:

Coach Grant,

Please remove the for sale sign from your front yard and unpack those boxes, we’re getting back together with Billy. I know, I know, once a cheater, always a cheater, but he’s our first love and we just can’t help it. He is getting cold feet in Orlando, and even though he’s already broken our heart once, we just can’t help but feel sorry for him; we’re in love after-all! We still want to be friends with you, and all, as we do like you a lot, but just as a friend. K, thanks, bye.

Love you lots,

“Jere Bear”

…And if you’re looking for a set of candidates for next year’s Presidential Election, Kerry/Donovan “What A Pair!”:

I took the liberty of making a campaign poster for them, free of charge. See the top.


One Response to “Donovan’s Indecision”

  1. The General said

    my money says the biggest lobbyist for his return was most likely a gainseville hair stylist. He probably figured who else would bring in as great a customers as christian dreijer or joachim noah, or have a standing order for a case of pomade a week.

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