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Donovan Having Second Thoughts; Hopes to Return to Florida

Posted by Condo on June 3, 2007

Andy Katz of is reporting that Orlando Magic head coach Billy Donovan has reportedly had second thoughts about the job, and has talked to Orlando Magic brass about getting out of his contract and heading back to Florida. Billy had signed a 5 year $27.5 million contract on Thursday to become the Orlando Magic’s new head coach.

He has let the Magic know that he has second thoughts about the job and it is now on Orlando management to decide whether or not to let him go since he is technically under contract with them.

I don’t know if Andy Katz is just reporting this to make Kentucky fans mad, (see article “Andy Katz hates Kentucky” by “The Nasty Boys'” Editor Matt) or if this is really serious but this is crazy if you ask me. He has a chance to make over $5 million a season to coach a team only 2 hours from his home in Gainesville and it’s a playoff team made up of young talent. YOU CANNOT ASK FOR A BETTER SITUATION TO WALK INTO!

If the Magic decide to let him out of his contract and he goes back to Florida, he will NEVER get another chance to coach in the NBA again. And I can also imagine there being A LOT of pissed off UK fans. More on this story as it develops.


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