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The Sports Shorts – 1st Edition

Posted by Matt on June 2, 2007

A man by the name of Bob L. Head will be immortalized with his very on bobble head at a Portland Beavers game sometime in mid-August. The Beavers are the San Diego Padres’ Triple-A affiliate and ran a contest allowing fans to vote which man by the name of Bob L. Head would be bestowed such an honor.The winner:

He was by and far the goofiest looking of the three and his round head and country-like features will transfer nicely to a bobble-head. It is easy to see why he garnered over 50% of the vote between the three…

The Cincinnati Reds won last night in Denver over the Colorado Rockies by a score of 4-2. Wait, the Reds won??? THE REDS WON!!!

New Orlando Magic head coach Billy Donovan “agonized over decision” to leave the Florida Gators. At nearly $6 million dollars a year, he agonized over the decision about as much as I agonize over eating a filet mignon.

If you do not watch Game 6 of tonight’s Eastern Conference Finals, shoot yourself. Tip-time is 8:30PM EST, I expect YOU to be able to do the recap for me tomorrow.

Cincinnati Bengal Odell Thurman was sentenced to six days in rehab settling his drunk driving conviction from last season. I cannot begin to describe the absurdity of this settlement. First, he was sentenced to 90-days in jail, then it was reduced to six days, and now he can serve those six at an substance abuse treatment center. Ah, to be a professional athlete. The one positive, amongst the high school marijuana users he’ll be bunking with he’ll be the “coolest druggie they’ve ever seen.”

I have taken notice to the fact that’s NFL analyst Len Pasquarelli has a strong affinity to MTV’s Viva La Bam’s Don Vito:

Anyone? I am thinking long lost brothers…

Former Ohio State basketball standout Greg Oden will reportedly forgo the NBA draft and immediately check in to the Ohio Assisted Living Association to begin drawing his Social Security check. Congratulations are in order for Oden!

And that concludes the inaugural edition of “The Sports Shorts,” we hope you enjoyed it!



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