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T.G.I.F. (Thank Goodness It’s Friday)

Posted by Matt on June 1, 2007

T.G.I.F. on ABC was one of the greatest 2-hour blocks of programming targeted to the elementary and junior high aged child to ever appear on television. My childhood was submerged in the living rooms of the Winslows, Tanners, and Matthews and those four letters will forever be synonymous with entertainment for me. On to Urkel’s Friday News…

I laughed at the fact that the headline, regarding last night’s 2-10 loss to the Houston Astros, was “Arroyo struggles as Reds’ winning streak ends” as if a 3-game winning streak was one for the record books. But I guess three-in-a-row is a miracle when you go 9-21 in the month of May.

It seems as if Cleveland Cavaliers’ point-forward LeBron James solidified his status as the game’s best all around players and did a huge service to himself in dispelling any talk about him choking in clutch playoff situations. James dropped 48 points on the Pistons in a 109-107 double-overtime thriller, scoring 29 of the Cavs’ last 30 points and their last 25 straight. Unfortunately for LeBron, speculation about him as a player won’t die until he wins a championship, and probably not even then with the climate in this day and age in the world of sports. Talk about LeBron will more than likely shift to “where does LeBron rank among the greatest players to never win ‘the big one.'” Such is life…

As you all clearly know by now, Billy Donovan is the new head coach of the Orlando Magic and history is not even remotely on his side. Personally, I am beginning to think that I hope he does well in the NBA because that will keep him out of the college game. Nothing would piss me off more to see him fail and then return to the SEC a la Steve Spurrier. There will be lots of discussion about Donovan on this site in the coming weeks, especially when the dust settles and we’re able to look back, but for now take comfort in knowing that he’s gone. Although, it would’ve been nice to pound Donovan in to submission one more time in Rupp Arena before he left…

Lots more to come, hopefully today, for the weekend, and all next week as June will get off to a strong start and there are many exciting things planned for the coming days and weeks. Stay tuned, as always, and I’ll be on it if anything develops…


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