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Random Sports Thoughts

Posted by Charlie Hustle on May 30, 2007

Nothing really worth writing a whole article so we’ll just throw some random thoughts out there…

New York Yankees Record: 21-29

$195 million payroll 14.5 games out of division lead

Cincinnati Reds Record: 20-33

$69 million payroll 9.5 games out of division lead.

I guess things could be worse.

— If any sports fan woke up tomorrow morning and did not watch Sportscenter or read the Sports section, do you think they would bother to wonder who won in the NBA playoffs tonight? Does a tree make a sound in the forest if there’s no one there? Such is life.

— Jay Mariotti called UFC fighters “mongrels” and “animals” today on Around the Horn. Apparently Jay didn’t see Floyd Mayweather Sr. at his son’s last bout. That bald man with dreads is the “missing link.”

— The Reds are on a 2-game winning streak, highlighted by great pitching and outstanding defense. So you mean to tell me that having sub-par defensive, uppercut-swinging, no-clutch everyday players is detrimental to winning? So you’re saying that having the bullpen pitch 2-3 innings instead of 5-9 makes them pitch better? Mind-boggling…

— Somebody remind me why this year’s Bengals defense will be any better than last years. Same coach, system, and players for the most part. Please tell me why they will be better….ugh.

— Tim Lincecum, the rookie pitcher for the Giants, will be a Cy Young winner soon. Mark it down. Mike Stanton couldn’t get Lincecum’s break on the ball if he threw it underhand.

— It is absolutely fucking SHOCKING that the Cavs played better without Larry Hughes…

Daniel Gibson tonight – 21 points

Larry Hughes (ENTIRE SERIES) – 25 points.

Ummmm… yeah that just happened.

— The NFL Players Association asked Commissioner Roger Goodell today to lessen the sentence for PacMan Jones… In other news, a snowball was spotted today being thrown around in Hell.

— Would Osama Bin Laden have been booed louder in Shea Stadium tonight than Barry Bonds? It’s a toss up.

Note to baseball fans: More than one person took steroids in the 90’s. In fact, there’s probably a 75% chance that your favorite player did them during that time. Fucking get it together.

— Oden/Durant going to Portland and Seattle would be like David Ortiz and Derek Jeter getting traded to the Royals and Devil Rays. What a horrendous deal for the NBA.

— For Monday’s Western Conference Finals…

Team A: 40% FGs – 39 Rebs – 11 assists – 8 steals – 6 blocks

Team B: 47% FGs – 38 Rebs – 18 assists – 10 steals – 8 blocks

Team A (Spurs) 91, Team B (Jazz) 79.


— Flopping in the NBA should result in a Technical foul. It’s the only way we’re going to get these foreigners to stop throwing their bodies around like it’s a World Cup match.

— Does any Reds fan realistically believe they have a chance to win the World Series in the next 10 years? I watch almost every game and I would start the odds at 1 in a trillion.

— And lastly, a couple of today’s favorite quotes from my favorite sports writer, ESPN’s Bill Simmons (pre-Game 4)…

“But watching this Cavs-Pistons series is like pulling teeth. Have you ever seen a Final 4 team with worse coaching and a worse offense than the Cavs? It’s like watching 5 complete strangers playing pickup with a drunk from the neighborhood yelling instructions at them. ”

“I can’t even rip on Mike Brown because he’s so overmatched… it’s almost not funny. When Flip Saunders is working you like a speedbag, it’s time to pick another profession. ”
…. Even though the Cavs won tonight, Mike Brown consistently sucked. The announcer Doug Collins almost had a stroke when Brown put Eric Snow in for the last 1:05 after not playing the whole and proceeded to miss his first free throw…

I believe it went something like this… “Why is Eric Snow in the game? This is an offensive possession!!…. WHY IS HE IN THE GAME GODDAMMIT?!?!?”

Haha just kidding, but it was close to that. Luckily for Brown his mind-numbing substitutions didn’t cost them the win.

— Charlie Hustle

P.S. A video was finally found of Dice-K’s gyroball…. check it out!


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