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Worst Reds Team Ever?

Posted by Charlie Hustle on May 25, 2007

This article was written in conjunction with “Charlie Hustle” (our first joint venture) and a big thanks goes out to Josh for his help!

100 losses. Think about that figure for a second, just give it a little time to sink in.


Well get used to the three-digit numbers because as of the end of play on May 24, 2007, the Cincinnati Reds are on pace for just that, 100+ losses. The Reds are sitting at 18-30, thats good enough for the worst record in all of Major League Baseball and a winning percentage of .375. As of right now, the Reds are slated to finish the season at 61-101.

100 losses, now that is quite an accomplishment. The last time the Reds finished the season with 100, or more, losses was in 1982 with a record of 61-101 (for a winning percentage of .377). Jon McNamara started the season, but be certain that he did not finish the season as the reigns were handed over to Russ Nixon. Russ Nixon only went on to manage the team for one more full season and was nixed for Vern Rapp, who only worked until Pete Rose took over the franchise as player-manager in 1984.

The 1982 season is the only time the Reds have finished with 100 losses since the MLB went to a 162-game season before the start of the 1973 season. Oh, wait, this THE ONLY time the Reds have finished with 100 losses since they became the Nation’s first professional baseball team in 1882.

Consider this: in their previous 124 seasons, the Reds have finished with 100 losses only once, yet they are putting up an unheralded effort to achieve that milestone once again. Apparently there is more than one way to etch one’s name in the record books and this is certainly not for the right reasons. At some point, you would think that pride would get in the way to prevent such an achievement, but nonetheless, the Reds are still losing along. The team is 6-17 in the month of May and have not recorded back-to-back wins since April 29 and May 1, three weeks ago.

If history is determined to repeat itself, one would assume that Manager Jerry Narron will get the ax before the end of the season. But will it happen? Probably not, yet personnel decisions are most definitely in order. Hypothetically the Reds are not out of the divisional race yet, and hopefully at some point soon the Milwaukee Brewers will realize that they are, well, the Milwaukee Brewers (3-7 in their last 10), allowing the Reds to gain some ground.

The next month of activity, on the field and in the front office, for the Cincinnati Reds will tell the tale as well as set the tone for the remainder of the season. Clearly something needs to be done and it needs to be done now as it is far to early to be dumping players and “dealing for next season.” Reds’ fans are getting real tired of the proverbial, and perpetual, “next season.” If the ship isn’t righted quickly, the 2007 edition of the Cincinnati Reds may reach “The Century Club” for only the second time in history.

— Matt


I knew the Reds were in trouble at the beginning of the Nationals’ series when this conversation happened…

Thom Brennaman: Hopefully the Reds take advantage of this home stand against perennially weak teams Washington and Pittsburgh.

Chris Welsh: What if thats what the Nationals are thinking that too? Taking advantage of a weak Reds team for road wins?…..

….(dead silence).

Everybody from the Cincinnati Reds message boards to Hal McCoy are asking 2 basic questions at this point:

1. Where is Homer Bailey? Aren’t there any live arms or young talent we can bring up from Louisville?

2. Should we fire Jerry Narron and/or Wayne Krivsky?

Here are the “Standard Answers”:

1. Homer Bailey isn’t ‘ready’ for the “Bigs” yet. He still has to work on his change-up and locating his fastball. Other than the bullpen and 1-2 spots in the rotation, there isn’t much room for rookies because there are so many veterans.

2. Changing Narron/Krivsky won’t help the Reds because we will have our 3rd Coach or GM in the past 4 years. All this instability is bad for the team, the coaches can’t make the players hit or pitch, etc. etc. blah blah blah….

My Answers:

1. You wanna know who isn’t ‘ready’ for the “Bigs?” Eric Milton, Kyle Lohse, Todd Coffey, Mike Stanton, etc. Homer Bailey’s ERA is under 2.00. If there’s anybody qualified to be given a chance it’s our #1 draft pick who is mowing down AAA batters like there’s no tomorrow.

“Throws the fastball too much” be damned, Homer deserves a chance to cut his teeth in the majors when the games don’t mean as much, so there is less pressure. And right now baby, the games don’t mean a damn thing in the cellar.

2. Instability would be bad if it wasn’t here already.

– New lineup everyday? Check.

– New defensive positioning everyday? Check.

– Trading young talent for veterans? Check.

– Trading veterans for young talent? Check.

– Lack of fundamentals defensively and offensively? Check.

– Inconceivable contracts for unproductive players? CHECKMATE.

The Reds are already as consistently inconsistent as you could possibly get. All of this “patience” talk about Narron/Krivsky because they haven’t been here that long doesn’t excuse stupid move after stupid move.

— Are we supposed to blindly follow poorly executed trades and chalk them up as experience because it’s only been a year? I think not.

— Are we supposed to have confidence in management when our team gets worse every year with no rhyme or reason behind it? Um… I think I’ll stay angry.

I don’t think too many Reds fans would be that sorry if the Reds actually traded all of their veterans away (i.e. Florida Marlins) for legitimate minor league talent that would put us over the top in a couple years. I’d deal with a couple stinkers of seasons to have some hope.

But right now? We’re on pace to lose over 100 games and there isn’t any hope. Welcome to your Cincinnati Reds.

— Charlie Hustle


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