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Billy Gillispie Appreciates Me

Posted by Matt on May 24, 2007



Yesterday was the 15th annual Staff Appreciation Day here at the University of Kentucky and seeing as I am an employee of the College of Agriculture I had an open invitation to attend.

It was your normal, run-of-the-mill, mass-staff “appreciation day.” The packaged deal included a free lunch, free bottles of water, and lots of vendors’ booths handing out free advertising memorabilia such as the circular pieces of rubber that are used to “open jars” but never actually get used.

The free food prepared for lunch was, overall, terrible. When they say “there is no such thing as a free lunch,” well they’re right. Try choking down what could pass as a soy burger without cheese or condiments; luckily I was getting paid for my time there. To that point I was nearly down and out, the only comfort that I had was knowing that there were two free t-shirts coming my way as soon as I could track down the booths passing them out and that meant two days longer that I could wait before I had to do my laundry.

And then it happened.

I spotted a giant cardboard sign that read, “Large,” I could only assume that meant sizes of t-shirts and not appetites, so I wondered over there and asked the nice gentleman for a t-shirt, “can I please have a…OH!”

And there stood University of Kentucky head basketball coach Billy Gillispie. It was indeed not an employee, it was none other than Coach Billy G.

Now, despite the fact that I am 23-years-old, let’s be honest, I am still a huge kid and I am easily star-struck by sports personalities. However, I tried to gain my composure because, after all, not only am I a student here at the University of Kentucky, making Coach Gillispie my coach, I am also an employee here and that makes Billy Gillispie my colleague (different pay scales I’m told).

Additionally, I had to gather myself because, face it, this could be my one moment to introduce myself, my one moment to get that candid interview while no other Press was around. I could ask the tough questions and be the first to break an epic news story; “The Nasty Boys” would vault up the sports-media world. I knew this was it, so I approached Coach Gillispie, free t-shirt in hand, ready to do the exclusive interview and all I could muster was:

“Could you please sign my t-shirt…sir…?”

And he did.

billyg.jpeg signed.jpg

I had blown my one chance at making it big and as he handed my t-shirt back I casually took it in hand and went scurrying off with my tail between my legs.

The level of appreciation I had felt from the University was sub-par prior to this moment, but after my brush with greatness I fully understood how much the University of Kentucky appreciated my hard work. Or maybe I was just in awe of Coach Gillispie and wanting to believe that he’ll remember me forever.

7 Responses to “Billy Gillispie Appreciates Me”

  1. Vic said

    Nice story. I’ve felt the same way before. Congrats on the nice autograph!

  2. Matt said

    Thanks a lot for the post and for the interest in the site! I’ll add your blog to the “Friends Of..” section. It was a lot of fun, he is a really nice guy and I am glad I got to meet him.

  3. Great stuff here. Thanks for sharing it.

    I’ve linked to you from my blog:

    Cool blog.

  4. JimCats said

    I tried but couldn’t make out the lettering in his signature. Since we’re having trouble around here deciding how to label him—BG, CBC, etc.—it would be nice to see what he calls himself.

  5. BoonevilleCat said

    It kinda looks like “BCG” to me.

  6. […] Billy Gillispie Appreciates Me [image] Yesterday was the 15th annual Staff Appreciation Day here at the University of Kentucky and seeing as I am an […] […]

  7. Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

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